All About The 2021 Slingshot UFO 1.1

All About The 2021 Slingshot UFO 1.1

The UFO V1.1 is an incredible foil performance kite that is designed for a nearly unlimited amount of foiling out on the water. This is a kite that is designed to stay inflated and to provide you with world performance. The manufacturer calls this the unlimited foiling kite and it comes in sizes ranging from 3 m up to 9 m with a variety of configuration specs. You can get this kite in almost any style you would need for your foiling experience and it comes with a performance guarantee. 

All about the 2021 Slingshot UFO 1.1

The newest slingshot kite is more efficient than it has ever been before. The kite includes an extremely sturdy design. The kite features a UFO style design which allows it to glide across the wind much easier and also offers a lighter and more efficient solution that's much faster inflating than any other kite on the market today. The version 1.1 of this kite is extremely compact and can get into the kite backpack which comes with the package. Comes with a quick start guide as well as the patch kit 

This is the type of kite that can truly benefit beginners because it is easier to relaunch and it's very light. If you're looking for a friendly beginners kite that you can use at almost any stage, this is a great choice because it can also scale alongside the types of riding you are going to do.

All about the 2021 Slingshot UFO 1.1

The manufacturer maximized everything in the design of this performance foiling kite. The brindle design is made for an immediate response giving you an amazing range of control and power. The level of control and power makes this an excellent kite for people that have been using kites for years. The kite design provides unbelievable handling and a level of drift that you can use for tricks. 

From our initial tests, every aspect of the UFO has been tailored for the foiling performance and for the most ride power control out of any kite. It folds down into an incredibly small package and could easily fit into a carry-on if you are looking for a kite that is perfect for travel. 

All about the 2021 Slingshot UFO 1.1

The .3mm bladder offers a reduced scuff guard and minimal stitching design ensuring that there is ultimate durability to this kite in a very simple format. Other kites often way down the design with extensive fabrics and with a larger bladder but this is a system that is designed for simplicity and performance. 

The nylon kite bag that comes with includes an over-the-shoulder strap and everything that you need to carry the bare essentials for a day of kiting. This is an excellent option if you regularly have to trek to the beach or if you regularly need to travel to get to your kiting spot. 

If you're interested in learning more about the UFO be sure to come into our showroom today or give us a call so that we can answer your questions.

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