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The New Core Xlite 2 Kite

CORE has released the new XLITE 2, with CoreTex 2.0

CORE's Specialized Series XLITE was launched two years ago for dedicated foilers who wanted to speed up their progress. The company is known for its innovation in kiteboarding and has released a foil, foil board, and foil-specific bar. Now, they have the XLITE 2, which will create the ultimate foiling combination.

The New Core Xlite 2 Kite

A Foiler's Kite

The XLITE 2 is the answer to your need for a high-performance foil kite. The XLITE 2 is a one-strut inflatable that does everything, with no compromises, and features only available to foiling. The XLITE 2 is 30% lighter than the Nexus and drifts in almost no wind. It will remain in the sky even though there is a lull.

It Has a Unique Canopy Material And Proprietary Dacron

CORE's decade-long innovation in material technology is reflected in XLITE 2. Its ExoTex Light frame and CoreTex 2.0 canopy fabric are the latest additions to its ExoTex Light range. CORE's proprietary canopy fabric gives more strength and ExoTex Light offers industry-leading frame stiffness. CORE's triple ripstop canopy fabric, which is the industry standard, is marginally lighter. It has significantly improved tear resistance, stiffness, and durability. This coating improves stability in higher winds, which is a huge plus for single-strut kites. CoreTex 2.0 is the benchmark in strength, durability, tear-resistance, and UV protection.

The New Core Xlite 2 Kite

Line-Up Expanded

CORE also added 2 and 3 meter sizes to cut up the Gorge, and a 13.5 m for summer breezes. CORE modified the bridle and panels of the XLITE 2 to make it easier to shrink. CORE was thrilled with the results of the highly modified 2m and 3m. They delivered the same user experience that their larger siblings. The new 13.5m, on the other hand, is agile and made for light winds.

The New Core Xlite 2 Kite

A New Look

The kite makers have been in a vibrant mood and this has reflected on the XLITE 2 There are two colors available now - black or white. Although it may be difficult to decide on the right color, you will see your foiling progress accelerate with any color.

The XLITE2 Is Completed By The Sensor 3 Pro Foil Bar From CORE.

SLE foil kites are sensitive towards heavy kite lines, which can sag or affect steering. Core recommends the Sensor 3 Pro Foil Bar to maximize the performance of your XLITE 2. The bar is made from all-carbon and has hidden line winders, palm-friendly ends, and lines that can be cut to 20%. Thinner lines are less drag and better at water relaunching in marginal circumstances. The foil bar includes 22m Tectanium lines (16m+2m+4m), which are rated at 300+kg. For those who want longer lines, there are additional 3m extensions in the bag.

The New Core Xlite 2 Kite


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