All About The 2021 North Swell Board

All About The 2021 North Swell Board

cThe 2021 North Swell Board is one of the most impressive prone-surf foiling products available for 2021. With an impressive construction and a portable design, this is a highly maneuverable board and one of the best options for endless fun out on the water.

All About The 2021 North Swell Board

The North Swell Board design is one of the best on the market today. The Swell’s shape is to provide controlled carving and max pumpability. The rails on the side make it easy to paddle out and the board design is stiff and maneuverable in many conditions. The fast design is great for takeoffs and it can slow down for touchdowns and recovery with ease as well. The reliability and the safety of this board gives you everything you need for a quality experience. 

The shifting feet and the cutaways along the side features a tail taper that can reduce the tail volume. The unique design means that you have the best in body control and a light board that you can take out for versatile conditions. The board is extremely balanced with the lighter fin design and a buoyancy that is more center focused. Many report that the improved balance makes this board easier to get up on. The centerline ridge and the tactile items along the side make this one of the best boards for prone paddling and for learning. If you are still new to prone foiling or you need a unique design for helping you keep the perfect board in the truck, this is a design that you have to try. The wedged tail shape, the overall length, and swing weight ensures that this is a great solution for all skill levels. North Kiteboarding has done an incredible job with this fast and very light new board!

All About The 2021 North Swell Board

Beyond the board construction, the materials included here are powerful with a greater maneuverability and glide. The hybrid carbon technology delivers a greater impact resistance and improvements to the rigid construction. The double bamboo reinforcement keeps it closer to a traditional board. 

The deck is built with a double concave design that works to keep the rider lower and keeps the board much more stable to ride. The concave solution is a shape that keeps the volume on the outside of the rails so the center of the board sits at a very low point. 

All About The 2021 North Swell Board

Dialing in your foil setup is easier than ever before with the foil mounting track. You can drop your foil into the area with a set of t-nuts and then slide it forwards and backwards to find your balance. The integrated drop box features a wider adjustment track than you will find on most foil boards. The positioning that goes beyond the 90mm design offers a greater level of versatility over a traditional style of foil board. 

The two way GORE protective vent prevents air pressure buildup while preventing water from entering. This ensures greater control and pop on the hydrofoil without the chance for inconsistencies. With less chance for an inconsistency there is greater opportunity for improved support and faster speeds on the water.

If you are interested in checking out a new foil board for this year, you should highly consider the new 2021 Swell board.
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