Core Releases New Core Kite XR7

Core Releases New Core Kite XR7

The new Core XR7 is here and it is set to be one of the most powerful and unique kiteboarding kites on the planet. If you are looking for a kite that is going to offer a greater level of stability and versatility, this is definitely an option to consider. 

The latest Core Kite XR7 is set to be one of the best ways that you can get big air and enjoy the most out of your time out on the water. The new material includes Exotex light struts, the speciality new material from Coretech.

Core Releases New Core Kite XR7

The Core XR7 performs admirably under many conditions and is a brand that has become synonymous with legendary kiting experiences. Over the past 14 years, the XR kite has produced massive performance while also balancing a market that is accessible for beginners. Many kiters have turned to the XR for support when it comes to taking on the waves and making sure that they can have legendary days out on the water.

After 2 more years of finetuning, the company has upped the performance of the XR and they are offering an even more impressive envelope of performance than previously. The refinements to this latest offering are going to be crucial to the future of core kites and they are going to offer impressive results to people who are going to be getting out to try kiteboarding for the first time. 

The newest canopy design has a number of highly impressive features. The triple ripstop canopy material is a true evolution and it is one of the most unique new features of the kite. The new material form offers improvements to tear resistance in any wind direction and it can assist with durability, longevity and weight savings. We end up with a kite that is safer and more versatile for flying. 

Core Releases New Core Kite XR7

New coatings on the kite also stiffen up the wind resistance and offer improvements to the stability of the kite while it is in flight. Impressive results for the canopy when it comes to the overall durability and improvements to stability will leave this as a proper option for beginners and longstanding kite enthusiasts.

Core has gone out of their way to refine the components of this kite. The new Core Kite XR7 light struts will reduce the overall weight of the kite significantly and offer improvements to the stability of the canopy design. The evaluation of the design as well as the materials ensure that this is a kite which can be extremely tough and built for real world applications. It has been truly tested for its durability and the manufacturer is highly confident in the results that it can bring. As a kite that is now 8% lighter than its predecessor, we can find a product that is easier to get up and catch and one of the best kites for maneuverability on the market. 

The lighter construction makes the Core XR7 a very playful kite. New shape designs and improvements make this a kite which is bound to produce fast results in turning and one of the most playful kites for fast motion out on the water. 

Core Releases New Core Kite XR7

Core Kite XR7 is one of the best of the improvements in this range. If you are looking for a kite that has an outstanding wind range, this is a product that will suit you well. The Exotex has a light strut design and a strong leading edge. The lightweight kite design maintains solid feel across its use and it can allow anyone to plant their next mission out on the water with ease and notable performance boosts.

If you are interested in a quality kite design with plenty of improvements for this year, Check out the new XR7 today.

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