Kiteboarding Sarasota: Top Rated Spots to Kiteboard in Sarasota

Kiteboarding Sarasota: Top Rated Spots to Kiteboard in Sarasota

Kiteboarding in Sarasota

Where can you kiteboard in Sarasota and should you take kiteboarding lessons in Sarasota? There are plenty of places that you can kiteboard in Sarasota but where are they and how advanced are they? If you are just starting out or have never been to this area and would like some advice on where to go we highly recommend calling someone. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to kiting in a new location. Give Elite Watersports a call and they can help you find the perfect spot for kiting in the right wind direction. 

If you are an advanced rider and you are looking for different places to kite here are some spots that we recommend: 

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  • Sarasota and Sarasota Bay include traveling to Siesta Key and Manasota Key. 
    • These are some beautiful spots to glide across the water and enjoy areas with sharp turns. 
  • Lido Key Beach as well as the channel along this area known as big pass is a popular spot for people to kiteboard. 
  • Big Pass is a body of water that's located between the North Siesta Key and the South Lido Key. The advantage of this body of water is that the winds are stronger here than in other areas of the beach.

However, if you are looking for butter flat water that is shallow for freestyle riding but is deep enough for boosting here is what we recommend:

  • North East/West side of the skyway bridge in St.Petersburg. If you are unsure about kiteboarding in Sarasota you should come here. This is the perfect place to warm up and ktie in any wind direction. There is a large kiting community here so you will get a warm welcome. 
  • East Beach Fort Desoto is another breathtaking spot with a beautiful view of the Skyway Bridge. It is a state park so after a kiting session you can explore the area and see all that nature has to offer.  
  • North Beach Fort Desoto is the best place to go in a NorthWest wind direction. Here is where you will get a glimpse of the caribbean. The water is smooth and protected by a sandbar creating a lagoon. However, if you kite here it is a bit of a walk so we highly recommend only taking the necessary items. Or if you have a onewheel and or bike that is another option. 

Kiteboarding in Sarasota is another great way to be out on the water enjoying the Florida sunshine. The best time of the year to visit Sarasota Florida for kiteboarding is starting in October until May or June. If you are trying to plan a trip and need advice on when the windy season is in Sarasota Florida or wanting to book kiteboarding lessons in Sarasota give Elite Watersports a call. They are a fully operational shop with a full lessons center, kite shop, and repair center. They will be your one stop shop for all things kiteboarding. 

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