Sarasota Kiteboarding Spots

Sarasota Kiteboarding Spots

Sarasota is one of the best areas for kitesurfing or kiteboarding. Along the beaches in this region, there are a number of people that take part in this extreme sport that has grown in popularity over recent years. Worldwide there are over 1.5 million people that regularly kite surf and Sarasota is one of the most popular places to take on this hobby and learn the ins and outs of kite surfing for the first time. 

Why is Sarasota a Great Kiteboarding Spot?

One of the reasons why Sarasota Florida is such a popular place to kiteboard is because the beaches here are some of the most perfect conditions for kiteboarding. Kiteboarding from the beach is a very exciting experience and the sandy areas around Sarasota are a great place to launch off into the water and also stay safe under the right water and wind conditions. The Sarasota kiteboarding community is an excellent resource and there are many people that are willing to teach you more about the right gear, and the best places to get lessons.

Sarasota Kiteboarding Spots

Popular Sarasota Kiteboarding Spots

Southwest of Tampa Bay

You'll often see people along the southwest side of Tampa Bay in the waters off of St. Petersburg. The most popular areas for experienced kiteboarders are around the sunshine Skyway Bridge which regularly hosts a race each year. Up-and-down Sarasota Bay along Venice Beach is also an excellent place to enjoy the wind at its best. 

South of Sarasota

Other popular areas along Sarasota and Sarasota Bay include traveling to Siesta Key and Manasota Key. These are some beautiful spots to glide across the water and enjoy areas with sharp turns. Lido Key beach as well as the channel along this area known as big pass is a popular spot for people to kiteboard. Big pass is a body of water that's located between the North Siesta Key and the South Lido Key. The advantage of this body of water is that the winds are stronger here than in other areas of the beach.

Sarasota Kiteboarding Spots

Deeper Waters / Advanced Locations

Going out into deeper water is not something that you should take on unless you are an experienced kiter. Big pass and South Lido Key are areas where the currents are very fast and if you don't feel confident in your ability it may be best to stay closer to the beaches.

Take a Kiteboarding Lesson

Taking a lesson and making sure that you are armed with the right safety equipment is an excellent way to stay safe if you're going to be taking on higher wind conditions or venturing out into deeper water. Make sure to talk with local surfers in the community and find a great store like Elite Watersports for all your kiteboarding needs.

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