The WCFC Frequent Flyer: A Legendary Board Makes Its Return

Freedom Foil Boards is thrilled to bring back a true foiling icon – the WCFC Frequent Flyer! This board, designed by the West Coast Foil Club (WCFC) and the Hurley brothers (Jeff and Ryan), was ahead of its time and continues to influence the sport with its unique and stylish design.

Why the Frequent Flyer is Back:

  • WCFC's timeless design: The board's shape has proven effective for years, demonstrating its lasting innovation.
  • Unique features: Flat deck with reverse tail rocker, sharp chined rails, flat hull with step tail, and narrow outline offer exceptional performance.

The WCFC Frequent Flyer is more than just a board; it's a piece of foiling history reborn.

Additional points to consider:

  • You can mention some of the specific benefits of the features listed (e.g., sharp chined rails for stability and control).
  • Briefly touch on the target audience (e.g., experienced riders looking for a classic design with modern performance).

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