Unleash Unmatched Speed: The Rubix Performance Foilboard

Foiling has evolved, and so has The Rubix. This meticulously crafted board is engineered for one purpose: to maximize your foiling speed and minimize drag. Every aspect, from the concave deck to the curved rails, is designed with high performance in mind.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined Design: Every curve and corner minimizes friction for maximum velocity.
  • Enhanced Control: Concave deck and hull provide superior grip and stability.
  • Efficient Takeoffs: Ample forward volume ensures effortless lift.
  • Performance-Driven Details: Step tail, tail withdrawals, and proprietary mounting tracks optimize your ride.
  • Comfort & Customization: Pressure relief vent, tangle-free leash plug, and deck pad options (pump bump or flat traction) prioritize comfort and personalization.
  • Footstrap Inserts: Allow for fine-tuned control and customized stance options.

The Rubix is the ultimate foilboard for riders who demand the best.

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