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Mystic Stealth Harness

Stealth Hardshell Waist Harness

So what’s the hype all about the new harness that dries instantly? Check out what the community has to say about it. Mystic describes the harness as, “The harness is built around the patented Bionic Core Frame (BCF), which is a semi rigid back support plate; its unique composite material is very stiff yet it allows more flexibility than conventional hard-shells. The Stealth is an evolution on the well-known Majestic & Legend harness. It combines the stiffness of the BCF (Majestic X) with the non-water absorbing inner shell of the Legend harness. Best of both worlds!” -Mystic Website. 


  • Bionic Core Frame
  • Fly mold 2.0
  • Non-water absorbing Flexagon Drytech
  • Light weight material
  • Battle belt 2.0: integrated safety knife pocket
  • Flexcovers
  • HP system with reinforced guidance holes
  • Key pocket 2.0: key loop with mini-buckle
  • Carbon Composite


Jesse Richman in a review video said, “I just want to say how stoked I am to have the best gear in the world. This thing is ridiculous.. I got in off the water and already it’s like bone dry… the thing retains no water it is so slim so streamline and incredibly supportive I couldn't recommend it anymore” From Mystic’s instagram story 7.29.20 in a review youtube video said, “ A light weight, Hard shell, Carbon Fiber Harness for the rider looking for the ultimate harness technology. With its closed cell Dry tech foam, it does not absorb water so it stays lightweight through the entire session and will not drip all over the inside of your car.”

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