Weekly Weather Report: 04/24/17 – 04/28/17

Weekly Weather Report

Hey, Kiters! This is your weekly weather report from the Elite Watersports team. By doing your homework on the forecasted conditions, you can stay safe while also getting the most out of your sessions. The information below is from sources such as iKitesurf and Weather Underground. There are also links to other sites with valuable information regarding wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, tides etc. Don’t forget to click the link to our web page for a compilation of local webcams to see real-time conditions.

Get out and kite!

MONDAY: 04/24/17

WIIINNNNDDDYYYYYY!!!! Winds are coming out of the Northwest around 15-20 knots with an increase around 4:00 pm to around 25 – 30 knots. Nighttime will bring winds of around 5 – 10 knots. 

TUESDAY: 04/25/17

West winds around 10 knots. Nighttime will bring winds of around 10 knots which will switch to 10 knots Southwest toward the morning.

WEDNESDAY: 04/26/17

Winds are South at 5 knots will become Southwest then bump up to 10 knots by afternoon. South winds will switch to a Southeast direction in the nighttime into the morning.  

THURSDAY: 04/27/17

Winds shift back to a South direction at 10 knots, with a chance of speed increase to 15 – 20 knots mid-day. Southwest around 10 knots in the evening. 

FRIDAY: 04/28/17

Another day of Southern winds at 10 knots.

Saturday looks to offer more Southern winds around 10 knots. Sunday, however, into all day Monday, looks like some great wind speeds. Plan your Sunday (15 – 20 knots) and Monday (20 – 30 knots) accordingly, will be a nice breezy few days!

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Bay News 9

Graphical Weather

And as always, have a wonderful week and don’t forget to check out the live-stream cameras near

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