It’s summertime and the livin aint breezy

It’s summertime and the livin aint breezy

It’s that time of year again, hot humid days, afternoon showers and late sunsets. Unfortunately, with the summertime season in full effect, that also means that there is little wind for our beloved sport of kiteboarding.

So the question arises: “What do we do to replace that void?”

Lucky for us, we live in Tampa Bay! There are a plethora of local activities that will keep your skills crisp for the windy season. Listed below are some ways to pass the time this summer in anticipation for that first good breeze!

Wakeboarding – Probably one of the closest relatives to kiteboarding, wakeboarding mirrors the technique and muscle memory of kiteboarding in the sense that it utilizes the core and legs, similar to kiting. Maintaining or increasing comfort of board control will benefit anyone who looks to take their game to the next level.

  • McCormick’s Cable Park – Only a short drive from St. Pete or Tampa, the cable park is a sure way to get in a session with near perfect wakeboarding conditions almost any day. This park utilizes a cable system that pulls boarders around a small lake complete with jumps and rails. Click the link for directions, pricing, and more information. McCormick Cable Park Info
  • Boat – If you have or a friend has a boat, grab a tow line and find an area of flat water with little traffic and go ride! Ask around to other boaters to find the best areas close to you. Don’t forget to wear your life jacket though, as it is strictly enforced nationwide.

Trainer Kite – Because there is little that can mimic the act of controlling a kiteboarding kite, invest in a trainer kite! Because these require less wind than a full-size inflatable kite, they can be used on most days. Not only are they great practice for kite control but can also be super fun for friends or family members who might not kite but are interested in what you have been spending all your time doing. Trainer Kites – Elite Watersports

Paddle boarding – One of the latest trends in our area, paddle boarding is a growing sport that offers easy access to equipment as well as locations to explore. Get a couple of friends, a few boards, a cooler and a Bluetooth speaker and go check out our beautiful coastlines. Improving balance and core strength, paddle boarding is a low-impact sport that offers exercise and serenity at the same time. Stand Up Paddle Boarding – Elite Watersports

Surfing – Unless we have a tropical storm or hurricane, the chances of surfing on the west coast is slim to none until the cold fronts start moving in later in the year. However, the east coast is only a few hours away and provides much more promising possibilities of rideable surf. Check forecasts regularly and try to plan a day trip to the other side. It’s nice to see a change of scenery and surfing is always a good time. NOTE: If you do decide to try to surf swell from a tropical storm, exercise caution as conditions can be extreme and change very quickly. Surfboards – Elite Watersports Local ForecastState Wide Forecasts

Skateboarding – Concrete is most definitely NOT as forgiving as falling on water but it’s about time you dusted off that old skateboard and go find some local parks to shred. Evening sessions are about all that are bearable in the summer but the physical conditioning of skateboarding is noteworthy. Remember that most parks require helmets these days and not all are lit at night. Tampa Bay Skate Parks

Don’t forget, we also have a new, more extreme version of skateboarding; Electric Boards are all the rage now and the OneWheel Plus is in stock! 

SO, stop sulking about that lack of wind and get out there!

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