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Weekly Weather Report

Happy Monday! Time for another weekly weather report. We hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far and have been enjoying whatever summer activities have come your way. As of right now, the week ahead is offering a variety of weather; rain, wind, sunshine.

Typical summer weather in Florida! 

(Source: Bay News 9)

Monday: June 19th

Monday afternoon brings scattered thunderstorms carried over from the late morning with winds out of the Southeast around 10-knots. Tonight, winds will increase slightly to around 15-knots. However, the thunderstorms will remain present throughout the Bay area. 

(Source: Accuweather. Photo taken at 9:35am)


Tuesday: June 20th 

Keeping with the Southeast wind direction, Tuesday will offer wind speeds around 15-knots. Continued scattered thunderstorms across the Bay area throughout the day. Tuesday night the wind speed will decrease to 5- to 10-knots. 

 Wednesday: June 21st

Wednesday morning brings a straight South wind at 15-knots. But, again, those thunderstorms will remain present throughout the day into the evening. 

 Thursday: June 22nd

Thursday is shaping up to mock Wednesday with a South wind and scattered thunderstorms. The wind speed will be slightly less than Wednesday, at around 10-knots. 

 Friday: June 23rd

Another South wind day with a wind speed around 10-knots. Friday brings some isolated thunderstorms. 

(Forecast Source: iKitesurf.com)

(Source: Accuweather)


Overall, this week will be mostly cloudy and rainy. Luckily, the sunshine will peak through at some point each day throughout the week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday offer the best chances for kiteboarding, so take advantage if you can! 

(Source: Weather.com)

Don’t forget about the Moon! Saturday, June 24th will be the night of our New Moon.

(July’s Full Moon is coming up on July 9th.) 

(Source: Moongiant.com)


Have a wonderful week! Stay Dry! 😉

-Elite Watersports

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