This is your official Notice for the EBAC

Hey everyone, this is the official Yellow light for Sunday, January 14th. The Elite Big Air Classic is on as of now! 

We have plenty of wind for training both Friday and Saturday and we urge you all to not overdue yourselves before the competition. Remember, this is a fun event and designed to attract all levels of riders. Yes we will have some amazing Pro riders competing but most importantly, we have some that have been riding for less than a year.

Please register before hand! You can pay with cash or card but we cannot,”WILL NOT” accept cash on the beach, only at the shop located at 4100 34th St, South St Petersburg, FL 33711.  We will have a couple iPads for online registration to help with the flow but you can also do this through your phone. Another option is to do a PayPal transfer to and we will be notified immediately of your payment. Please include your division in comments. Admission: $25.00

You must sign a waiver. Ask to do this the morning of. Waivers will be available under the tent, look for Vanessa.

Register here

Comp layout: We will have a scheduled layout of approximate starting times for each heat. Heats last 10 minutes. The best riders of each heat advance to the next. Typically, each heat will consist of 10 riders and trickle down to 4 final riders for the big air show down. However many heats we need to run is determined by the number of registrants. 

Two bouys will be set crosswind from each other. Riders must do all accredited boosts and tricks within the bouys. It is designed to organize the fleet into a surf-like lineup. Try to tack up wind outside the bouys, but this is not required. Etiquette is at riders discretion. This is a competition but should not be treated as a territorial showdown. You have 10 minutes per heat; for the newer competitors that’s a huge amount of time to showcase your slick Robert Griffin moves. 

Tips and Tricks: Anyone can win if you play it right. The judges are looking for big air, of course, but also a couple other things: crowd appeal, landing and riding away, and additional tricks, like grabs-rotations-inverting, will also get you more points. If you don’t land it, it doesn’t count. So play it safe at the beginning of your heat and then shoot for the moon at the end.

10am: Captain’s meeting at the North West side of the Skyway Bridge. All whom are riding must be there for this. We will try to have each division’s heats scheduled by that time. This is all based off the winds. 

Trophys and prizes will be distributed before Sunset.

All things are subject to change. We live at the weathers mercy.

Shea Gibson has helped us out with a quick but detailed extended forecast of the next 5 days in Tampa Bay.

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