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Ringing In The New Year: 2018 The Year of Happiness

2018 Happy New Year


Welcome to 2018: The Year of Happiness

The coming of a new year offers so many wonderful, exciting prospects for what’s to come. Many enveloped in the sensation of the New Year make resolutions to better their life in some way. Whether it be through health, wealth, or love, chances are, it is a resolution where doing it will result in their own personal happiness. 

So, as we ring in the year of 2018, let us highlight a few ways you can bring yourself some of that ‘happiness’ we all seek. 

gold 2018

2018 is going to be a BIG year for the kiteboarding industry and has already offered some stellar products. If these products are any showing of what’s to come in 2018, we can’t wait! 



hyperlink kiteboarding kite

Easily the hottest kite coming to market. The Ozone Hyperlink V1 is the most versatile foil kite out there, with 4-line and 5-line modes. Its state-of-the-art technology and innovative valve design will be what helps this kite be on every foiler’s shopping list. The Hyperlink bridges the gap between inflatable and foil kites, while maintaining top performance features across the board; usable on water, snow, or land! 

The Ozone Hyperlink V1 is the true multipurpose kite! Bringing you the performance of a foil kite but feeling like an inflatable. You name it, this kite brings the capacity to master it all; freeride, foil racing, boost/float, air style, or unhooked. Take your riding to the next level with this coveted gem. 




liquid force galaxy board

Their slogan is about innovation, their products prove it true! Liquid Force has recently introduced the all carbon Galaxy Foil board and the reception it has received is exceptional! The design of the Galaxy is dedicated to hydrofoil performance, ushering in the importance of having a great foil board and not just a top-of-the-line hydrofoil in order to perform at your best. 

With the Galaxy, you’ll get that ever sought after feeling of flying, while enjoying floating effortlessly across the water. The board’s precision engineered details offer the highest performance characteristics for your hydrofoil. A forgiving outline, combined with a unique forward placed double concave hull design, allows for easy on water tracking when starting as well as during planned, or even unexpected touch downs. The beveled rail design aids in heeled over, chop deflection, keeping the board in line with the foil trajectory. 

The ultralight weight Galaxy has already been demoed at Elite Watersports for several weeks now, and the reviews are raving! Get your hands on one of these while they are in stock!




liquid force thruster foil

Once again, Liquid Force is making this list for offering exceptional products hitting the market in 2018! The Liquid Force Thruster Hydrofoil is all the rage right now and it’s obvious why! With its alloy mast and fuselage and specially designed wings, the Thruster offers rapid lift and speed while extending the riders range and stability. (Carbon fuselage, mast, and wings available, too!)

The Thruster is the foil-dream for those intermediate/advanced foilers out there, but with its positive tendencies, the Thruster is beginner friendly too. Need to know more? Watch the video below for Elite Watersports’ very own product review! 







Don’t compromise. Ride the freeride board that set the standard all others are measured against. The Carved Carbon Imperator 6 is the ultimate twintip. Because, sooner or later, you will appreciate the workmanship, technology, performance, and soul that goes into every handmade Imperator 6th Edition.

They call this board a masterpiece, and we agree with them! If you can afford to get your hands on one of these, you will think every penny you’ve spent was well worth it. This Carved board offers a construction of Carton Carbon that enables the rider to smooth out unruly chop, carve stylish turns, and inspire with perfectly executed airs. You will definitely be the envy of the beach if you roll up rocking one of these beauties. Treat yourself this year, get the best board there is!

Slingshot Hover Glide FWake Foil

Slingshot Hover Glide FWake Foil

This product may not be made for kiteboarding, but it is a product all kiteboarders can appreciate! No wind days are now no longer a thing to dread! The Slingshot Hover Glide FWake foil is designed specifically for behind-the-boat riding. Riders can now foil behind any size motorized vessel that creates a wake. Ride in flat, smooth water or choppy, rough water; the FWake foil cuts through it all. 

So, whether you’re a kiteboarder looking for something to do on those windless days or you’re a wakeboarder wondering what all this hydrofoiling madness is all about, this foil is truly the funnest thing to hit the market. So, load up your boat with your best buds and challenge each other to see who can freeride foil the longest! (No ropes needed!)




These are just some of the amazing products being produced this year and we are truly stoked to continue bringing the latest and greatest products to our valued clients and friends. All the above products are currently available and ready to help you ring in your new year.

We could have made this list long, because there are currently SOOOO many exciting new products out there that make us feel all the feels, but we added just a few of our absolute favorites. What other products are we stoked about? Check the list below. 

A Few More Stoke-Worthy Products:

Core XR5 Kites

Slingshot Skywalker 5’10” Foil Board

Ozone Edge V9 Kites


May 2018 be kind to you in all aspects of your life and may you be able to squeeze in plenty of time to do the things that make you happy. After all, we are making 2018 the Year of Happiness. 

Happy New Year!

From Our Elite Watersports Family, To Yours! 


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