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Skyway Bridge 

Tampa Bay Kiteboarding and Wing Foil location. Offering lessons and rentals
Great for beginners and advanced riders

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Kiteboarding at the Skyway Bridge

Kiteboarding at the skyway bridge is absolutly amazing. It offers every sing wind direction. It doesnt matter where it comes from you can enjoy it. Located on the north side of the Skyway Bridge. There is a park on either side of 275 highway. Kiteboarders and wing foilers can enjoy knee to waist deep water with relitively easy entry and exits. Locals are among the favorite comments we here at Elite Watersports. The local community is thriving with awesome people that want to help you. 

You can hydro foil here because there is deep water that surrounds the beach knee deep water. This also provides small waves when the wind is strong enough to push them towards the shallows but remember that the shallow water extends for miles making for butter flat conditions. The east sid and the west side have unique feature and possible unknown hazards. Scroll down to find out more. 

Our kiteboarding instructor team is the best in the world. They are not just there to teach but can help you navigate the waters with helpful insight. Stop on by the Elite Watersports vans to check them out. 

Wing foil at the skyway

Table Of Content

  • Skyway Bridge West
  • Skyway Bridge East
  • Other kiteboarding locations in Tampa Bay
  • Kiteboarding in Tarpon Springs

Skyway Bridge West

Made for beginners and advance riders. 

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Skyway Bridge Kiteboarding west side Launch is so nice. At least the riding are is. Knee to waist deep water making for some of the most butter flat conditions in St Petersburg. 

Wind Direction:

 Best for South - West -and North/NorthWest


The trees surrounding the launch does not make it super easy. You may be more comfortable with a drift launch. Directly out from the beach, 300 yards, will be a small mangrove island that is surrounded by a thin layer of oysters. Its best just to keep way clear of it. If you are a kiteboarder that walks a bit then we recomend using booties. You will eventual cut your feet. 

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How to get to Skyway West.

Skyway Bridge East


Watch out for the deep water to the north and south of launch area. There are also a bunch of rocks near the highway that stretch up and down. You do not want to be flying your kite near the highway. Look over the google maps and our videos to better understand the location. 

Plenty of riding area. If you find yourself in a bit of a congested riding area. Just simply tack up wind. you'll find out that zero people will be up there. 
East Side has great sand and lots of parking. Making set up for your kite easy and safe.

Wind Direction:

The wind is best when it has east in it. But North works too. Even a straight south. 

How to get to Skyway Bridge East

Other Kiteboarding locations in Tampa Bay

Scenic View

Scenic is a hardly ridden. With very little reaso other than that the wind surfers congest the immediate launch area. Fewer and fewer wind surfers are there so no worries. 

10 Cent

10 cent is the secret local spot for any winds out of the south east.