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Should you leave work?

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Should you go or should you stay? You know what I mean. Just about the only thing in kiteboarding that’s stressful is forecasting. Sometimes the wind pops up out of no where. This is why I put together a quick glance page that helps me decide wether or not its worth the drive or wait to see if it fills in.

So how to use… Live LOOK

What I have done is gathered cameras from around our region to grab a live look, also a quick widget of Tampa Bay wind sensors provided by Ikitesurf to see an average wind speed. If most sensors are at 12 or more, its 15 or more at Skyway. 

Lets say you want to get a jump on a sea breeze session and get to the spot before the sensors start reading wind changes. Check out the North St Pete Beach camera. It’s in HD so you can see if white caps are developing and perhaps the wind is filling in around Tampa Bay. I use this camera the most for skyway and Passagrille sessions. Use this tactic with all of the cameras and you’ll get a good feeling on whats really happening. Make this a routine and you’ll pick up the trending patterns from day to day. Save this page to your home screen.

Ultimately though, should you stay or should you go, well the answer is you’ll never ride unless you try?

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By:Aaron McClearnon

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