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Life’s A Beach!

overhead view of the beach and sand and buildings

Life’s a beach, and our beaches are ranked the best in America!


sandy pathway onto the beach

According to a recent tally of votes,for the best beaches in the U.S. conducted by TripAdvisor, Florida beaches took the stage. This may come as no surprise to those of us locals, as we get to enjoy the pristine waterways and beaches regularly thanks to our wonderful sport of #kiteboarding. But still, it is gratifying to have your hometown recognized for the natural gift it is!

Ok, so you’re probably wondering which beach ranked where on the list? Out of the ‘Top 25 Beaches in America” , Siesta Key is ranked #1, St. Pete Beach is #3, and Clearwater is #4!! 

As aforementioned, local kiteboarders have been frequenting these beaches for years! We want to spread the word and make it easy for everyone to experience kiteboarding all around Tampa Bay. We have a list of locations to kiteboard around the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay area, where the waterway conditions are provided as well as the ideal wind direction for a successful session on the water. The best part about kiteboarding in our area is that the launch sites are spectator-friendly so, bring your friends and family and make a day out of it! Nestled on Long Key, St. Pete Beach offers accommodations ranging from world-renowned resorts to mom-and-pop motels, to quaint bed and breakfasts. Upham Beach, located on the northern tip of St. Pete Beach, is one of the few spots along the Gulf of Mexico known for surfing. Upham Beach can be a kiteboarder or hydrofoiler’s paradise. 

person kiteboarding with an instructor in the water

If you are ready to try a new kiteboarding location, give us a call and we can provide further details on each location so that your experience is ideal. Or if you’re new to kiteboarding and would like to take a lesson, we can absolutely get you booked today and out on the water. We are the largest and most professional kiteboarding lessons school in Tampa Bay so, feel confident in putting your trust in us to get you up and riding as an independent kiteboarder with as small of a learning curve as possible! We are also here to help you with any travel/activity/accommodation/night-life information as well; keep your family entertained while you hit the water!

person riding a board in the water with a dolphin beside them

person kiteboarding in front of a boat with people on it

person kiteboarding upside down in the sky

palm tree branches and a pink kite

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