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Kiteboarding Dunedin

If you are visiting the Dunedin area come learn how to kiteboard!


Benefits of Kiteboarding in Dunedin

 Now is your chance to take advantage of the best place to learn how to kiteboard. Dunedin is a great spot to learn how to kiteboard due to its overall conditions. The minimal amount of waves makes the learning experience more enjoyable. This way you can stand in waist deep water controlling the kite, not being taken down by waves. 

Kiteboarding Spots in Dunedin

 Here are some awesome kiteboarding spots for all levels of riders. However, we still do recommend calling your local shop to see if there are any rules. Certain locations will now allow you to ride past a certain buoy or on a beach that has an on duty lifeguard. We also recommend joining the Facebook group “Kite Jam” before coming to the area. It is filled with local kiters who are always ready to provide local knowledge and go kiting. Riders will also post where they will be riding, live wind reports, and if they are doing a down wind ride to the skyway. 

  • Dunedin Causeway  
  • Tarpon Springs 
  • Sunset Beach 
  • Fred Howard Park

Why Take Kiteboarding Lessons

 If you are new to kiteboarding and this is your first time traveling for the wind we recommend first kiting at the Skyway Bridge. This is where the majority of the locals ride and where the shops teach their lessons. This way if something goes wrong and you need assistance there are people there ready to help you. Kiteboarding Lessons are very important because they can help the learning curve, provide a solid foundation of skills, and give you unending support. Elite Watersports offers lessons from complete beginners, ride along lessons for single or group riders, and trick lessons. They also offer different packages for all levels of riders so if you are visiting for a few days you can save some money. If you are first starting out we recommend either getting the four hour beginner package or the six hour package. If you choose the four hour package you will get three hours in the water learning how to fly the kite, gain control, and start body dragging. If you are visiting for a week or more the six hour package is perfect to split up into two days doing three hours at a time. Lessons will be an upfront cost but once you have everything the wind is forever free!

Kiteboarding Dunedin | Kiteboarding Lessons Dunedin | Elite Watersports
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