It’s about to get WINDY! Time to kiteboard.

Finally, after what seemed like a very long stint of early summer doldrums, we are going to have a few days of solid wind! Coming off of such a spectacularly windy spring, it has been almost painful to endure the past couple of windless weeks., however, our “suffering” is coming to an end. Get your kiteboarding gear ready, throw in some yoga sessions to loosen yourself up, and open your calendar… ’cause it’s about to get WINDY!!

wind forecast for three days in June

Tuesday, June 6th

Winds will be coming up from the South/South East, at around 15-knots, on Tuesday morning. By the afternoon hours, winds will shift slightly to South/SouthWest and will pump up to 20-knots. Waters will be choppy and a high chance of showers and thunderstorms is possible. Tuesday night the 20-knot winds will diminish to around 10- to 15-knots with showers and thunderstorms widespread across the Bay Area.

The rain is going to move across the Bay Area throughout the day; it will not be raining in one spot the entire day. So, there will be several opportunities to kite. 

weather forecast chart for June 6


weekly weather report from TV
weather report for a tuesday

(Source: Bay News 9)

NOTE: Kiteboarding and Thunderstorms do not mix. Please be cognizant of your surroundings and the immediate and future weather conditions before you decide to get on the water. Don’t put yourself in danger. 


Wednesday, June 7th

 Another windy day with a Southwest direction, blowing around 10- to 15-knots early in the morning. Late morning, into the afternoon, an increase to around 20-knots. Waters will remain choppy and numerous showers and thunderstorms scattered across the bay. 

weather report screenshot for Wednesday June 7


Thursday, June 8th

West winds around 10-knots throughout the morning. Late afternoon into the evening will bring around 20-knots. Waters will calm slightly but the chances of showers and thunderstorms remain. 

weather forecast screenshot for Tuesday June 6


The Wind is kicking up so, make sure you’re ready to go, but be sure to stay safe out there! Take some photos of yourself out there kiting and check-in @ EliteWatersports. Every checked-in photo will be entered into a drawing for FREE Elite watersports SWAG!  We will announce the winner on Friday afternoon.

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