Florida Keys Kiteboarding Locations- Grassy Flats Resort

Florida Keys Kiteboarding Locations- Grassy Flats Resort

Where to kiteboard in the keys? Better question, where do you stay?

The Grassy Flats Resort is the Answer. Located in Marathon Key. It is made for not only for the kiteboarder but families too. Even if they don't kite themselves, Grassy Flats has so much to offer. The bar and grill is by far the coolest in the keys chains. Each room has its own unique feel. Beware that the management vibe is certainly professional but calm island time feel is what your going to get, so don't expect a Marriot corporate oiled machine. Its design to give you an escape from the hustle and bustle. Boat charters, full moon parties, retreats and sandy beaches. The owner cares so much about the environment that you'll notice many things that have been recycled with class. Like the entire wood bar and restaurant made on sight with their wood mill. The mission on sustainability is commendable and is noticeable. 

If you are not staying there, you can pay per day to use the the area for kiteboarding and lounging by the pool. 



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