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E-Foil the newest Way to Fly

 E Foil is in stock NOW!!  Come take a lesson and enjoy flying silently over the water with a huge smile on your face. Elite Watersports has always been your source for the newest, latest and greatest way to have fun on the water and now we have something you have to try.

Elite sells and rents performance hydrofoils for kite, surf and wake.  Now its time to try the ultimate electric hydrofoil experience for flying over any body of water. No wind, wave or boat required. 


person efoiling on a blue board


female on an efoil board in the water

Several companies have attempted to produce Efoils. The challenges to get there were serious – mastering battery tech, waterproofing, electronics integration, ensuring reliable Bluetooth connectivity, getting global certifications, developing an app… the list goes on. But after close to three years from initial concept, the team in Puerto Rico and a network of partners worldwide have produced an experience you will not forget  It is an entirely new experience for watersports, using all of the modern technology we had seen applied to vehicles on the road, in the air, and in the water over the course of the last few years. 

Come by the shop and check it out. Schedule your lesson quick this will be the ultimate fun thing to do on the water this season. 



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