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Red Bull King of Air 2019 Results

Red Bull King of the Air

Red Bull King of Air 2019

Red Bull King of Air 2019 pushed the limits of competition to a new level. Kevin Langree won the title for the third time but faced tough competition. Jesse Richman took 2nd  and Liam Whaley won third pushing  Kevin to the max of his skills to take home the trophy mask again. This year the bar was raised as the guys showed all their big air skills. Most noticeable was the mega pause so many riders exaggerated during and after mega loops followed by double back rolls and handlepass way, way up in the air. This made for a great show for spectators worldwide. Over 9000 spectators enjoyed it in person. Injuries knocked out some of the favorites like Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light, Lewis Crafort and Joshua Emanuel with broken /bruised ribs but the level of competition was intense and very close between riders. 

The "Mystic Most Extreme Move" award went to Jesse Richman for his powered kung fu 1080 handle-pass on the first day and he took home the $1,000 prize purse for the award.

beach full of people with a kite in the air above the water

The format changed this year and made it much more interesting.

1) Judges will look at the following categories: Extreme Big Air and Overall Impression.
2) The Overall Impression of the Extreme Big Air performance scores will be determined by combining:
• 70% Height. Go as hard and high as possible. The height in combination with extreme moves is a priority, but we will also take the horizontal distance traveled in the account, combined with certain powered moves
• 30% Extremity. Controlled extreme high moves. Think about extremely powered and/or extremely technical, or ultimately a combination of this as long as it is performed on a proper height.
No limitation in a maximum number of moves/combinations attempts per heat (including crashes) or repetitions for the same jump. - Only the 3 best tricks of the whole performance will be counted and will form part of the final result.
Variety within your best 3 moves is a key factor, as the focus is to prize the most complete “Extreme Big Air” rider.

The riders were chosen by

    • Top 8 from the previous year's ranking of Red Bull King of the Air
    • Top 10 from the ranking of the online video competition and wildcards
    •  Remaining riders (wildcards, video contestants, reserves) will be instead seeded by considering their respective position on the KOTA Overall Ranking. In the occasion of a tie, a draw can be considered to complete seeding. KOTA OVERALL RANKING shall consider all results achieved at each KOTA editions from each rider/competitor
  • Calculation of Results: The KOTA Overall Ranking is calculated by awarding 0.7 points for the first, 2 points for the second, etc. The total score of all is then calculated and the lowest total score wins. Discards: 1 discard will be considered after 4 results (best 3) 2 discards will be considered after 7 results (best 5)
    7) In the occasion of a tie in total points overall, the tie shall be broken in favor of the competitor who has a better-discarded result, if tie remains shall be broken in favor of the competitor who has beaten the other in more occasion, if tie still remain shall be broken in favour of the competitor has the greater nr of firsts, seconds, and so on.
    8) Ties between more than two competitors shall be broken in the same manner, considering all the competitors concerned at once.

Check out the Red Bull app for smartphones and look on the menu of your smart TV for the app as well. A great way to check out all the action. 

Replays of the whole event available here :


 The Final Heat:



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