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Your Notice for the Elite Big Air Classic.

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It’s that time again, folks! Will it or won’t it happen? That is the question! As of right now, Wednesday (01/24), we are at a YELLOW light for the Elite Big Air Classic to happen this weekend. (We are still open to either Saturday or Sunday.)

So, this is your official notice that we are at the YELLOW light for the 2018 Elite Big Air Classic this weekend: January 27th or 28th.

We will continue the holding pattern for next few days until the forecast is more accurate. Please stay tuned for daily notice.

The best way for constant updates is to Like and Follow our Elite Watersport Facebook page.

To boost moral and remind all of those registered or interesting in registering, I wanted to give a huge shout out to our amazing sponsors and advertise a little bit of what all they’ve donated to the event as prizes. 


Magnuson Hotel Clearwater Central – $1,600 toward the first place rider in each division. ($1,000 goes to Pros!!) *

Liquid Force2018 LF Element 137 Kiteboard, LF Swag (hats, shirts)

Slingshot/Ride Engine – Patrick Rebstock Pro Ride Engine Harness (size Medium) with slider spreader bar, Ride Engine Twin Tip Bag, Ride Engine Empax Impact Vest

Ozone – Water Harness, wind sock, Ozone swag (hats, shirts)

Hyperflex Wetsuits – Playa Jacket – 1-year membership (x2)

WOO Sports – Hats

Core – TBA

*Don’t forget, the winner of each division will also be taking home the cash from the registration fee – $20 per rider. 

Thank you to all for supporting this event! Thank you to our sponsors for the swag and prizes. 

This year’s event will be amazing! We just need to be patient.


(727) 800-2202

(727) 318-0391


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