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Elite Watersports – Events, Videos, Parties, and Shop Life

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What do you look for in your place of work? Do you look for a professional, clean, fun, and friendly atmosphere? Of course, you do! The term I am hinting at is “culture”. When you decide to take a position somewhere, you understand that you will inevitably be spending a large portion of your time there. Hense, it is almost always likely you’re looking for a place whose culture fits your style. Great! What does that have to do with kiteboarding? Well, what I am getting at is that having a culture conducive to your lifestyle and passions isn’t just necessary in the work place but in all facets of your life. Therefore, the places which host your favorite past-times or sports should have it too! 

The Culture of Elite Watersports – Shop Life

We understand that when you’re passionate about something, say for instance kiteboarding, you’re going to be looking for a place that reciprocates that passion. Elite Watersports has been built on that understanding. Whether it be through hosting events, having comfy couches in the shop, spending time on the phones chatting with customers (going beyond just answering questions), or opening our van doors to all those on the beach looking for comradery, we get it! “Shop Life” is another term we love. Having a place you can count on to be “your place” is always a great feeling and we try to make sure we meet your expectations as our valued customer and friend.  

The culture at Elite Watersports is based on “shop life”; laid-back, friendly, experienced professionalism, and genuine fun times. We are looking forward to another season of continued kiteboarding community growth. We always have our shop doors open, we have tons of new Elite Videos in the pipeline, and many Elite Events on the calendar.

Mark Your Calendars

Recently, we combined some of our favorite memories of one of our favorite events, the Florida Kite Racing League’s Foil Regatta. Mark your calendar, watch the video, and get pumped! November 3rd, 4th, and 5th of 2017 is our next Fall Foil Regatta. 


Florida Kite Racing League & Elite Watersports

November 3rd, 4th, & 5th 2017

Below are some more events that we host throughout the year. Check them out and we’ll you see you there!

large group of people inside a store

Elite Parties! 

Season Opener Party

Saturday, September, 30th @ 7:30pm

large group of people on the beach

Elite’s Weekly Foil Racing Nights Are Back!


Elite Watersports Hosting Beach Events.

Pump Up Challenge

Sorry for the bad camera work 😉


Elite Yoga 

Weekly Elite Yoga nights will resume in a few months.


Elite Big Air Classic

(2018’s Date TBA)


May the good vibes and fun times continue. 



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