When is Kiteboarding Season in St. Petersburg?

When is Kiteboarding Season in St. Petersburg?

Kiteboarding can be a year round sport but there are certain times when kiteboarding has optimal weather conditions in St. Petersburg.  The best time for the kiteboarding season in St. Petersburg is going to be from October through May.  This is a long season for peak kiteboarding times on the water as the kiteboarding season in St. Petersburg spans across eight months which is two thirds of the year.  Kiteboarding is just one of the reasons to visit St. Petersburg but coming during peak kiteboarding season will get you some of the best kiteboarding you can do anywhere.

When is Kiteboarding Season in St. Petersburg?

Starting on October first you are going to get some of the best conditions for the next eight months to be able to kiteboard in winds that will increase your speed and height on the air you catch.  The best parts of the season are going to start in fall where there is more inclimate weather.  The temperatures will fluctuate from hot to cold which is a key factor in bringing in wind as the changing in temperature between the land and the water causes high winds.  This can bring in winds on average of a speed around 25 to 30 knots.  

When is Kiteboarding Season in St. Petersburg?

In the months following fall it is equally as good for kiteboarding but it is going to be colder in temperature in January and February.  Kiteboarding in these months is doable with just a 3-2 wetsuit though.  For the best winds and temperatures it is recommended to come between October and December or March and May.  If you do happen to come in December it would be recommended to bring a Santa costume to take part in the ​​Santa Kite Jam.  This is a free event that has over 100 people kiteboarding in their Santa costumes all in one location. 

While kiteboarding during the eight month season will make for the ideal conditions, the conditions are still good in the offseason, from June to September.  The wind that comes through in the summer is due to sea breezes and it is still common.  Wind in these times is just less predictable and also not as strong but is still good for kiteboarding if you can catch a good day.

Other benefits of kiting in St. Petersburg that is nicknamed "The Sunshine City" includes miles and miles of beautiful white sandy beaches that are often compared to and regarded as some of the best beaches in the world!  St. Petersburg holds the Guinness World Record for the most days of consecutive sunshine at 768 so it will be sunny almost everyday you are kiteboarding, regardless of the season.  The fact that it is located on a peninsula means that it offers some of the best and a ton of kiteboarding spots for all wind directions as well as excellent conditions for most other water sports and boating as well.  In addition to all this, downtown St. Petersburg has been expanding rapidly and within walking distance there are a ton of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs ranging of all kinds for those who want to enjoy activities after kiteboarding.

When is Kiteboarding Season in St. Petersburg?

Why St. Petersburg is one of the most famous spots to kiteboard because of the large amount of flat water spots it offers that are ideal for kiteboarders.  Some of the most popular spots are next to the Skyway bridge and in Ft Desoto park but there are great spots to be found all around.  Waves are only present here from strong wind swells and are common from the winter cold fronts, but can also happen throughout the rest of the year from tropical storms and depressions. When there is the appropriate wind direction blowing west, the beach input areas go for miles and miles and consist of beautiful beaches with great sand and sand bars so there is plenty of area for all kiteboarders to enjoy. This makes it easy to find a spot to go out and ride  in St. Petersburg alongside many other kiteboarders.  However, it is equally just as easy to find a much more private session due to the expansive beach area that is ideal for kiteboarding.

The best way to enjoy the kiteboarding season in St. Petersburg is to hit it during the season where it has optimal weather and wind conditions in the fall or spring months.  A great way for beginner riders to learn or riders who want to improve is to take a lesson where you can get one-on-one coaching for getting the most out of each session.  Lessons allow you to spend more time kiting rather than trying to figure out a tough sport to learn on your own.  It is definitely recommended to do a lesson as it will be more enjoyable and there are plenty of private spots to take lessons where it is just you and the water so you can learn at your own pace and style. If you would like to learn more or schedule a lesson contact us today!

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