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The Top Tampa Kiteboarding Spots

Looking for the top Tampa kiteboarding spots? This area is well-known for its incredible kiteboarding and flatwater launch spots that are ideal spots for beginners. There are many places to kitesurf around Tampa Bay. Some spots are more beginner-friendly than others. When you arrive in Tampa, it is a good idea to meet the locals to ask about local conditions, hazards, and guidelines for kiteboarding. We have a strong relationship with the community and park officials.

We ask only that you keep our Tampa Bay kiteboarding paradise safe by riding sensibly, respectfully, and, most importantly, safely.


Tampa Kiteboarding Spots

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Location

Do you want to learn how to kiteboard? Do you want to foil? Do you need a grassy area to launch from? There are several factors to take into consideration. It all depends on what your goals are when choosing your favorite spots for kiteboarding in Tampa Bay.

The wind direction is a key factor in where you choose to kiteboard on a given day. Kiteboarding in Tampa Bay has the advantage of being able to kiteboard in any wind direction.

Fort Desoto East Beach 

Fort Desoto East Beach has been a favorite spot for kiteboarding in Tampa Bay. A half-mile offshore, there is a sandbar that runs east to west and protects the flat, shallow waters. The wind blows side shore when it is NE, and the predominant wind direction is NE. The launch area is large and you can take multiple people kiteboarding. There are no obstacles in the water. Fort Desoto East Beach is the perfect place for anyone who wants to learn how to kiteboard or simply wants to have a great time. Foilboarding here is hard because the water is so low.

Favorite Kiteboarding Spots in Tampa Bay

Fort Desoto North Beach 

Fort Desoto North Beach is nice if the tide and wind are right. The island just north of North Beach is truly incredible. It is possible to reach it by walking up north beach and then climbing upwind. This can be tricky if the tides are coming in. Jetski or boat is the best way to get to the island. You can kite in butter-flat, waist-deep water once you get there. This is truly a top-notch spot.


Favorite Grassy Launch Site: Lassing Park

Lassing park is an amazing place to kiteboard, with beautiful views of Downtown St Petersburg. The shallow bay is protected by a sandbar that keeps the water calm, even in windy conditions. It is easy to launch by land. And after, enjoy a burger or a beer at your favorite local restaurant, Chattaways.

Skyway Bridge East Side

One of the most sought-after Tampa kiteboarding spots is the Skyway Bridge East Side. It has calm, shallow water on one side which makes it ideal for learning to kiteboard. On the other side are deeper waters that make it great for foil boarding. It's easy to reach the launch area.

Favorite Kiteboarding Spots in Tampa Bay
There are so many Tampa kiteboarding spots! Since St Petersburg is shaped like a peninsula we can kiteboard in any wind direction. Some days we like combining our favorite spots by doing a downwinder or kiteboard from one spot to another. If you want to join us for a downwinder or take a trip to any of these spots, contact us today!
If you want to see more kiteboarding spots around Tampa Bay follow this link to a YouTube play list. Kiteboarding in Tampa Bay
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