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To Foil or Not To Foil, That is the Question.

man with sunglasses on hydrofoiling in the water

If you find yourself asking that question, just know… the answer is YES! Hydrofoiling is the fastest growing discipline of the kiteboarding sport and it is here to stay. 

According to its definition on wikipedia, a hydrofoil is a lifting surface, or foil, that operates in water; boats that use hydrofoil technology are simply known as hydrofoils. As a hydrofoil craft gains speed, the hydrofoil will lift the hull of the boat out of the water. This decrease in drag allows for a great increase in speed. A hydrofoil consist of wings mounted to a strut and a mast, which is positioned below the boat.

graph explaining types of hydrofoils

Why is it so great? As a kiteboarder, you already have the love of being on the water, feeling the wind in your face, and the freedom to go where ever you choose. Now, kick those feelings up a notch… hydrofoiling will take you there, times 10!

After speaking with riders, fresh off their foil session, about how it was, they all have similar responses; “peaceful” is the major term we hear. True to the principle behind the foil’s design, the hull, or foil board and rider in this case, are elevated above the waterline, reducing drag and increasing speed. With the foil’s mast cutting through the water’s chop, you feel as if you’re gliding un-noticed through the water. So, basically you’re on a “magic carpet ride” and one-with-nature. 

Many riders enjoy hydrofoiling for the speed and utilize the foil’s capabilities to participate in foil races. Others, may simply enjoy the extra freedom that comes with foiling; you can cover more ground so you truly dictate where and how far you wish to go. You can foil behind a traditional inflatable kite or you can venture to use a foil kite. A foil kite consist of a number of cells running fore to aft, some or all of which, are open at the front to allow air to inflate the kite so it takes on an aerofoil section. This design offers the rider a great deal more power and speed. 

If this sounds like something you’re interested in or ready to do, you’re in luck! Together with Slingshot, Elite Watersports is hosting FOIL MONTH all February long. After completing Slingshot’s FREE Foil Academy, come to Elite Watersports to demo the new Simulator foil board and Hover Glide hydrofoil with two different size mast. This program is FREE and you get to keep the gear for 24-hours, meaning you can spend the whole day learning at your own pace, with no pressure. 

green hydrofoil boards

kite foil academy logo

feet on a hydrofoil in the water

three hydrofoil struts

Slingshot brand hydrofoils

Questions? Call the shop, we will be happy to assist you as you embark on your new adventure and start a new, life-long hobby!

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