2022 Ride Engine LYTE Harness

2022 Ride Engine LYTE Harness

 Everything You Need to Know About The Ride Engine LYTE Harness

Ride Engine LYTE Harness | Elite Watersports

Ride Engine is historically known for their quality of harness and innovative design. It all started with taking a mold of peoples’ backs to then create them a harness. After hundreds and hundreds of molds they created the carbon harness with lumbar support. Throughout their harness lineup their focus as a brand is to provide the rider with lumbar support. Have they continued this design with the all new LYTE harness? Read more to find out what they have changed, kept the same, and the purpose of this new harness.

New Features

The LYTE harness has the all new “Cell Lock” foam padding decreasing water absorption and weight. Because the foam is made of lyrica laminate keeping the water from absorbing into the foam cells. This keeps the harness light on your back allowing you to stay out longer. After sometime in the water you will feel a drastic difference in the weight of your harness due to the water absorbing into the padding. This can cause your body to become tired after some time since you are now lifting more weight. Another benefit to the Cell Lock Foam is that the harness will dry almost instantly. This way you can now throw your harness in your car and head to work not having to worry about the smell or the amount of water that will be in your car. 

Harness for beginner riders

Yes. This is a great harness for beginner riders who want back support without sacrificing your wallet. This harness is perfect for beginners who are learning how to kiteboard using a twin tip or wake style due to the back support. With that being said, the harness also provides mid flex range. This means that it is more flexible than a fully carbon hard shell harness but provides more support than a soft shell harness. You might be asking yourself, how does stiffness affect my overall comfort when riding? It will always come down to personal preference which is why we alway recommend that you try on the harness before purchasing. However, if you are going to be wave riding or foiling, you need something that will move with your body and not confine it. With that being said, we also recommend this as a beginner harness because it provides support you want when learning twin tip without breaking the bank. 

The Best Travel Harness

The all new Ride Engine LYTE harness is perfect for the rider that is always on the move chasing wind. Because it is lighter than the other harnesses you will not have to worry about your bag weight and can pack more kites. Pair your harness with the Ride Engine Pump to create more space in your travel “golf” bag. You will no longer have to sacrifice comfort when traveling with the LYTE Harness. 

Ride Engine LYTE Harness | Elite Watersports

Where can I get a Ride Engine LYTE Harness?

Elite Watersports not only has the new harness but has a staff of kiteboarders ready to help you find the right size. Stop by the shop to try one on and use the hanging control bar to get the sensation of a kite pulling you. However, if you are ordering online and are unsure of what size to get feel free to give them a call! There is also a seven day return policy if it doesn’t fit send it back unused and they will send out your right size.

Ride Engine LYTE Harness | Elite Watersports
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