Kiteboarding Lessons Tampa Bay

Kiteboarding Lessons Tampa Bay

Visiting Tampa Bay? Come learn how to kitesurf!

Tampa Bay is one of the best locations for learning how to kitesurf due to its location. More specifically, learning how to kiteboard at the Skyway Bridge. This spot is perfect for any wind direction due to it being an island off of the main peninsula. If you are coming from Tampa it is just a quick drive down Interstate 275 headed South towards Bradenton. There are many more reasons why you should learn how to kitesurf in Tampa, where to take kitesurfing lessons in Tampa, and the benefits to learning here.

Kiteboarding Lessons Tampa Bay | Elite Watersports

Kiteboarding Lessons Tampa

Tampa is known for its Bay full of diverse marine life, calm waters, and protected waterways. Taking kiteboarding lessons in Tampa Bay is not only easier, but more enjoyable due to the sand bars. When taking kiteboarding lessons in Tampa Bay we recommend that you learn at the Skyway Bridge. Whether you are kiting on the North East or the North West side of the bridge both are great. On the Northeast side, there is a sandbar that is just off the beach creating a large lagoon. This sandbar breaks up the waves when it is a windy day out on the water making the lagoon butter flat smooth. This also means that the waves are not crashing into you as you are learning kite control, relaunching, and body dragging. In other locations you have to constantly battle against the waves. Another major reason why you should take kiteboarding lessons here is because it is shallow. This means that during your lesson you can be standing in water that is up to your belly button. In other words, you will not be treading water trying to learn how to relaunch your kite. Overall the learning experience is more enjoyable than other locations having to battle against mother nature. 

Kiteboarding Lessons Near me

Where should you take kiteboarding Lessons in Tampa? We highly recommend taking lessons with Elite Watersports. They have been teaching for over six years and have instructors who have plenty of experience teaching in the area and around the world. Another benefit to taking kiteboarding lessons with Elite Watersports is that they are also a fully operational shop. This means that when you are self-sufficient and ready to get your own gear they can help you. Your instructors will help you find the gear that fits you best. Elite is known for going the extra mile for their community. Even after buying gear they have a full repair shop to get your gear back to you as if it was a new kite. They even organize trips all over the U.S. to go kiting.

Kiteboarding Lessons Tampa Bay | Elite Watersports

Benefits to Learning Kiteboarding in Tampa Bay

If the information above has not convinced you that this is the best place for kiting, here are a few more reasons why. The kiteboarding community here is unlike any other. The stoke (excitement/passion) for the sport is always there. It is also a diverse group of people who come together to share the same love for watersports and more specifically kiteboarding. If you are ever nervous about going to a new location to kite this is the place for you. Everyone there is ready to accept you with open arms and support. There are regular events throughout the year and organized down wind groups ready to go. If you are interested in kiteboarding in Tampa Bay we recommend contacting Elite Watersports and joining the facebook group called “Kite Jam”. This is where everyone posts where they are going, events, and down winders.

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