Kitesurfing and Wing foiling in Tierra Verdi - A Complete Guide.

Kitesurfing and Wing foiling in Tierra Verdi - A Complete Guide.

Nestled between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico lies Tierra Verdi—a lesser-known but incredible kitesurfing spot in St Petersburg Florida. 

Tampa Bay is amazing for kitesurfing, kitefoling, and wind-winging. Arguably it’s one of the best kitesurfing cities in Florida, if not the United States. 

“10 Cent’ is a unique kiteboarding location that offers some epic perks and a few challenges to be aware of. The wind doesn’t always line up for this location but when it does we love riding and teaching kiteboarding lessons here. 

In this blog, I'll share:

  • Why you will love kitesurfing, kite foiling, and wind winging in Tiera Verdi.
  • What you need to know wing foiling, kitefoiling, and kiteboarding here.
  • What to avoid kiting here.
  • The best wind directions and conditions for Tiera Verdi. 
  • Where to eat after your session. 
  • Where to kiteboard if “10 Cent” is not working. 

An aerial view of Kitesurfing in Tiera Verdi

Best Wind Directions for “10 Cent” Tiera Verdi.

S, E, SSE.

This spot works on a south or east wind. South southeast is going to be the smoothest wind direction here. South winds and east winds do work. We highly recommend you pay Lassing Park a visit if the wind is blowing from the east! 

What to expect kitesurfing kite foiling and wing surfing Tiera Verdi 

The staging area here is unique for a few reasons. You’ll find plenty of parking and there’s a large grass area underneath the bride. Grass is a real luxury for keeping kites clean when setting up and tearing down. 

The Kiteboarding spot in Tiera Verdi Tampa Bay

Grass and shade are a luxury for Tampa Bay kitesurfers 

The shade provided by the bridge is perfect to shelter you and your kitesurfing equipment from the sun or any rain in the forecast. There is a small path where you can walk your kite to the launch area along the water. Make sure to walk along the shoreline or use booties on the path. There can be sand spurs here. 

We never recommended kitesurfing alone. That said, if everyone is on the water, there are railroad anchor points we use as self-launch anchors located along the waterline. If you’re experienced, it’s easy to drift launch a kite here. Like most of Tampa Bay, the bottom is sea grass and sand. There are shells so booties are always recommended when kiteboarding most St Petersburg beaches. 

A kitesurfing walking to the launch spot at Tiera Verdi Tampa Bay

Why Tiera Verdia is amazing for kitesurfing, kite foiling, or wing surfing

“10 Cent” has easy access to deeper water for wind winging, or kitefoiling. Located new to the launch area you can walk right out into a large boat channel. If you’re learning to wing foil, it’s incredible to have easy access to deeper flat water for practice. 

Where to Wing Wing Or Wing Surf Tiera Verdi Tampa Bay

Deep water here is perfect for Wing Wing / Wingfoil and kitefoiling.

Right next to the channel, you will find the kiteboarding flats. This area is shallow and protected from chop. Typically the water depth will range from knee to chest deep. This is where we recommended twintip riders go. It’s also where we teach kiteboarding lessons in Tiera Verdi. 

Where to Kitesurf Tiera Verdi Tampa BayThe shallow water here is perfect for kiteboarding. 

Next to the flats, there is more deep water. Big air riders often seek the more forgiving deep waters to practice here. You can also walk or sail to this spot when wind winging or kite foiling. 

 The wingfoil, kitefoil and wingsurfing area in Tampa Bay Tiera Verdi

This area is deep enough for wing foiling, kitefoiling, and wind wing. 

What to be aware of kitesurfing, kite foiling or wing surfing Tiera Verdi 

Tiera Verdi is amazing but “10 Cent" is better suited for intermediate and advanced riders. A novice can kite here but you need to be aware the water is deep downwind of the flats. There are a few exits along the road where you can self-rescue and walk out. Once you go too far, it’s going to be a challenge getting out. 

  • Don’t park in the staging area or on the kite beach. 
  • Watch for sand spurs when walking on the path.
  • This spot is located near a bridge so keep kites clear of the road.
  • Be mindful of boats in the channel. 
  • Don’t go too far downwind of the flats. 
  • Most of Tampa Bay has shells. Booties are recommended.  

A kiteboarder riding at Tiera Verdi Tampa Bay

The Launch anchors for kitesurfing at Tiera Verdi 

Where to go if the wind doesn’t line up in Tiera Verdi?

If you make the drive and the wind decides to change, there are a few great kiteboarding spots nearby. The nearest spot would be Fort Desoto. 

East Beach Fort De Soto works on a Ne, E, SE, S. And North Beach Fort De Soto works on a N, NW, W, SW. 

We have a full guide on kitesurfing at Fort De Soto you can read it here. 

Where to eat after your session.

Tiera Verdi is a vibe. One of our favorite things to do after a session is order food at the nearby restaurants. A pirate-themed restaurant and bar called Jolly Roger is located just off the bridge. Further down the road is a larger restaurant called Billy’s Stone Crab. They have great seafood and often live music. If you’re in a rush check out DeRusso’s Pizzaria! 

Hopefully, you found this guide to be helpful. If you're new to the area or just visiting, call us. We're happy to give you directions, book kiteboarding lessons or wind wing lessons. We can also help you out with the best deals on kitesurfing packages. 


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