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How much do you need to spend?

How to choose the right kiteboarding gear.

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How much do I need to spend on kiteboarding equipment?

Kitesurfing gear cost $1900 to $3200 +

Kitesurfing equipment costs can range in massive amounts, From $1900 to $8000 or more. Don't let this number scare you. This number comes down to how many kites you are getting, the materials, the size of your kite or kites, and how premium you wish to go.  

At a minimum, you will need a kite, a control bar, a harness, a pump, a kiteboard, foot straps, and likely a decent wetsuit. Every kiteboarding brand has a wide range of products, from entry-level to premium, so the range you can spend is massive. Some kiteboarders choose to have more than one kite.

Essential kiteboarding gear to get started 

  • Kiteboarding kite 
  • Kiteboarding control bar 
  • Kiteboard 
  • kiteboard Foot straps 
  • Kiteboarding pump
  • Kiteboarding Harness 
  • Kiteboarding wetsuit 

This is called a quiver in kiteboarding. You can have a light-wind kite, a mid-range kite, and a high-wind kite. Some opt for specialty kites for different aspects of the sport. For example, you might have a wave kite, a hydrofoil kite, a freestyle kite, or a big air kite. 

The good news is there are do-it-all kites known as freeride or all-around kites. With this design, you can save a lot of money by sticking with the core sizes you need for your weight to keep the price low. We'll go into further detail regarding individual pieces of equipment and the range you can expect to pay.

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Table Of Content

  • How much does a kiteboarding trainer kite cost? 
  • How much do kiteboarding lessons cost? 
  • How much does a kiteboarding kite cost?
  • How much does a kiteboard cost? 
  • How much does a kiteboarding control bar cost?
  • How much does a kiteboarding harness cost?

How much does a kiteboarding trainer kite cost?

Kiteboarding trainer kites cost between $99 to $400 + 

A good trainer kite will cost between $99 and $400. It's the first piece of kitesurfing equipment you can buy without instruction. These are excellent tools for mastering kite skills and learning the fundamentals.

A kitesurfing trainer kite is an investment as it can save you hours of kiteboarding lessons. The better you are at kite control, the faster you can progress through a kite lesson. You will need many hours flying a kite to achieve competency, which is a great way to log hours safely.


There are many varieties of kiteboarding trainer kites, from simple two-line kites to more advanced three or four-line kites. Some can be used in the water, and some can be attached to a kiteboarding harness.

A simple but well-built two-line trainer kite is enough to prepare students for a kiteboarding lesson. The primary benefit is that you can get hours of practice controlling a kite in a safe environment with little to no consequences.

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How much do kiteboarding lessons cost? 

Kitesurfing lessons can cost between $120 to $150 + an hour.

Kitesurfing lessons can cost between $120 to $150 + an hour. Kitesurf lessons can vary depending on the country or the type of lesson. You can expect to pay anywhere from $120 an hour to $150 an hour or more for private lessons.

Lessons are an essential step in becoming a competent and safe kiteboarder. You will need a minimum of three hours of instruction, but some people need up to nine or more to feel comfortable and in control.

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Some kiteboarding locations only get light winds, so it might be best to start with a larger kite to learn with. There are some advantages to this. Light wind is forgiving and easy on the body.

Big kites are naturally slower than small kites, so you will have time to correct any mistakes when flying if you are using any kite in the appropriate wind range. 

Lightwind is forgiving but there are some special techniqes needed. Check out this video from Aaron on light wind launch techniques. 

How much does a kiteboarding kite cost?

A kiteboarding kite can cost between $800 to $3200 +

A good kiteboarding kite from a reputable manufacturer will generally cost between $800 and $3200, depending on several factors. Size and materials will play a significant role in the price of a kiteboarding kite. Small kites will cost less, and standard Dacron construction kites will be less expensive than an Ultra-PE or specialty material. Think of Hoopika from Airush or the famous Aluula material.

Large kites will cost around $2000 to $3000, depending on the materials used. You can expect to pay around $1600 for a quality mid-size kiteboarding kite with no control bar. Large kiteboarding kites with specialty materials are the most expensive but can be worth the price. Lighter, stiffer materials allow big kites to work better in less wind and turn faster.

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This means you can move the kite faster to generate apparent wind for sailing upwind or creating speed for jumps. Specialty materials like the Hookipa or Aluula allow designers to do things they cannot with standard construction materials.  For example, the Airush Lithium Team 17m uses hookipa on the leading edge. It has a much narrower leading edge than would be possible with Dacron.

This allows you to turn the kite faster and flick it more aggressively for better jumps. It genuinely feels like a much smaller kite.Small kites with standard construction will be the most affordable. Remember, this is still the industry standard and what the majority of kiteboarders use. You don't have to spend a fortune on high-end materials, and you certainly won't be hindering your progress or fun as a kiteboarder.

How much does a kiteboard cost?

A kiteboard can cost between $600 to $1200 +

Kiteboards can vary wildly depending on the construction materials and design. High-end boards can cost up to $1200 or more. An excellent mid-range kiteboard will cost about $600. A specialty board designed for a specific discipline or a specialty material like carbon costs much more than a kiteboard made with standard materials. The good news is that you don't need the most expensive kiteboard for learning.

Many people are happy riding a mid-range kiteboard with a medium flex for their entire kiteboarding journey. Buying a nice kiteboard is an excellent investment if you get the right one. Please consult with our team of experts at Elite Watersports for a custom recommendation. Carbon kiteboards are expensive but have an unmatched pop for kiteboarding jumps. There are many leading factors outside rider skill for a good kiteboarding jump.


The board's shape, how fast it can go, and how stiff it is. The more speed, the better the board is at holding and releasing a lot of energy on the pop, which is going to be monumental in getting good air. We live in a golden era of kiteboard design, with many high-end options.

Some kiteboards are designed for all-out performance, some blend performance, play, and comfort, and some gravitate towards a luxury ride or light wind. As before, the easiest and most economical route for the new kiteboarder is to opt for a freeride or do-it-all kiteboard, sometimes called an all-around kiteboard. These will have a medium flex, great pop, and be forgiving and comfortable on the water. Best of all, freeride kiteboards are right in the middle of the price range or on the low end.

How much does a kiteboarding control bar cost?

A kitesurfing control bar can cost between $500 to $800 +

For the last few years, kitesurfing control bars have undergone much development. We have simple bars with a cleat trim system or high-end bars with auto unswivleing lines, specialty trim systems, ergonomic grips, coated or double PU coated center lines, adjustable line or bar lengths and more.

This is entirely subjective and up to you to decide what you value. A standard baseline control bar will fly a kite just as well as something with more features. There is something nice about having all the benefits of a high-end bar. We know many kiteboarders who must have the best of the best and will now do without auto untwist bars.


Different bars have different diameters, too. For example, Airush has a narrower, more comfortable diameter bar than many other brands. This is a simple feature that does not impact the price but can make a big difference in comfort on the water. A smaller bar will help your hands with fatigue while riding.

This is especially important in the cold or if you last rode a few months ago. Decide what features are important to you and choose a bar in your budget.

How much does a kiteboarding harness cost?

A kitesurfing harness can cost between $179 to $599 +

There is a wide variety of kiteboarding harnesses, from seat harnesses to hybrids, hard shell kiteboarding harnesses, and softshell waist harnesses. This is one area where we recommend you refrain from considering the price. When it comes to the correct fitting kiteboarding harness, comfort is king.

Seat harnesses are often on the lower end of the price range and are popular with people who have back issues or lack core strength. They are fantastic for people with an hourglass body shape or shorter arms as they sit lower, will not ride up, and bring the kiteboarding control bar closer to your body.

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The waist harness will sit on your waist and provide more flexibility for the rider. You can choose a softshell harness with lots of back support or a premium low-profile hard-shell harness. A hard-shell harness will be the most expensive, but they have some incredible benefits. They are stiff for maximum back support yet provide maximum flexibility for the rider. They are shaped so as not to ride up or pinch the rider in any way, and they can have other premium benefits depending on the brand.

Some have more or less stiffness, and they might be wholly rigid or provide some torsional flex for better movement in your core. We encourage you to come into the shop and try on a harness first. This is the one point of contact on your body, and you must get a good fit. For the most part, a high-end hard shell will solve most people's problems and fit well. Consider a waist harness if you are exceptionally skinny or have an hourglass shape.

 Why learn kiteboarding in Tampa Bay.

We have one of the best beginner kiteboarding locations in the United States for learning to kiteboard. We have shallow flat waters that allow kiteboarding students to stand up when they fall. There is no shore break or deep waters to hinder progress.

We get consistent smooth wind that works in every direction. Our St Petersburg-based kitesurfing school offers jet ski support and custom kiteboarding lesson packages. Come join us and see what the fun is all about.

Need help buying your first kiteboarding kite? 

The expert team at Elite Watersports is here to serve. If you have any kiteboarding related questions call us. We can build custom kiteboarding packages, book kiteboarding lessons or simply offer helpful advice. We're your one stop shop for kiteboarding knowledge.

If you need help deciding on your first kiteboarding kite give Elite Watersports a call. We're happy to set you up with your first kiteboarding kite.



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