A guide to Wing Foil and Kitesurf Scenic View St Petersburg Florida

A guide to Wing Foil and Kitesurf Scenic View St Petersburg Florida


St Petersburg Florida is famous for kitesurfing and wing foiling. The most iconic beach is Skyway Bridge. Kiteboarders and wing foilers drive from all over to meet up and ride here. While this is the most popular kite location, there is a lesser-known spot along the bridge known as Scenic View. You can find this spot driving northbound on the Skyway Bridge just past the rest stop. 

Long known as a windsurfing spot, Scenic View has something to offer for all wind sports. It's important to note, that this wing foil and kiteboarding location is for everyone but we should respect the windsurfers. Be considerate. Give windsurfers and wing foilers ample space and the right of way here. Kitesurfing is a privilege here. Let's keep it that way. 

In this blog, I'll share:

  • The best wind directions to wing foil and kitesurf Scenic View 
  • Why you will love wingfoiling and kitesurfing here. 
  • What you need to know when wingfoiling or kiteboarding here.
  • What to avoid kiting here.

 Kiteboarding Scenic View Skyway Bridge

Best Wind Directions to Wing Foil and Kiteboard Scenic View  


Similar to Skyway Beach East, the Scenic view works best on a northeast, east, and southeast wind. Too much north can make the wind gusty and difficult here. There is a large V-shaped sandbar a way out from the launch. At low tide, you can find an amazing kiteboarding flat water spot with these wind directions. 

If the wind has west in it, you'll want to ride at Skyway Beach West. You can read our guide here. 

Kiteboarding Scenic View Skyway Bridge 

Why Scenic View is great for kitesurfing, wing foiling, or kite foiling

Scenic View has some amazing conditions for experienced kiteboarders and is a favorite spot among wing foil enthusiasts. Just past the staging area, you will find plenty of deep water for foiling. The water stays deep a long way out to the sandbar giving kite foilers and wing foilers ample room to play. This is one of the larger deep-water sports for foil sports in the area. If you have been winging at Skyway Beach during low tide, it's worth visiting The Scenic View. 

East and northeast of the lunch you will find a massive sand bar. This is one of the best and largest kiteboarding slicks in St Petersburg. The V shape allows kiteboarders to find a private kiteboarding slick on a northeast, east, and southeast wind. 

Kitesurfing Scenic View Skyway Bridge

What to expect when kitesurfing at The Scenic View

The launch area here is a small beach just off the road. You can park right along the road here and set up your wing foil or kitesurf equipment. The launch here is easy for wing foil and trickier for kiteboarding. There are signs along the beach and the water gets deep fast. At low tide, there is a small beach section along the water where you can set up as well. It's possible to launch a kite. There is a good chance you will have to drift launch here. 

Most of Tampa Bay has a sandy sea grass bottom with random shells. Booties are recommended. The scene here is mostly windsurfers and foilers. You can find the occasional kiteboarder. Most kitesurfers congregate south of Scenic View at Skyway Beach. If you are a new kiteboarder we highly recommend you go to Skyway Beach. The launch is easier, there is a community of kiteboarders there to help, and the water is shallow. 

This is a windsurfing beach so the majority of riders will be windsurfing or wing foiling. If you are learning to wind wing, this is an incredible wing foil spot to hone your skills. 

 What to avoid kitesurfing at scenic view

What to be aware of kitesurfing or wing foiling Scenic View 

  • This is a beginner wing spot but an intermediate kite launch. 
  • Be considerate of windsurfers and wingers. 
  • You might have to drift launch. 
  • Don’t kite near the highway. 
  • If no one is there to land, you might have to self-rescue. 
  • Watch out for shells.. Booties are recommended.

Wing foiling here is a breeze. There is no long walk to the deep water and plenty of space. If you are kiteboarding have a plan for launching and landing. Depending on the tide, or the number of kiteboarders there, you might have to drift launch to start your session. Likewise, if no one is there to land your kite, you might have to self-rescue in the shallows to land your kite. 

This beach is near the highway. Don’t kite anywhere near the road. It's a major hazard. If you need more information on the area reach out to our kiteboarding shop. We're happy to give directions, book kiteboarding lessons, help build a custom kiteboarding package deal or rent kiteboarding equipment. Swing by our shop or give us a call. 


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