Is kitesurfing an expensive sport? The cost of getting into kiteboarding.

Is kitesurfing an expensive sport? The cost of getting into kiteboarding.

How much does it cost to get into kitesurfing? We get this question a lot from aspiring kiteboarders. Kitesurfing is more expensive than a sport like skateboarding but far less expensive than skiing, snowboarding, or wakeboarding. 

Unlike other sports, lessons are required and you’ll need to pick up more than just a board. You’ll need a kitesurfing kite, a kitesurfing control bar, a kiteboard, a harness, a pump, and a wetsuit. 

Let's break down the average cost of kiteboarding. 

Kiteboarding Lessons St Petersburg and Tampa Bay

Kitesurfing lessons.

Average cost $360 to $1080. This is just a range. Some people can learn everything needed in just 3 hours. On average we find 3 to 9 hours to be more than adequate for someone to achieve independence. Lessons are helpful and fun. There is always something new to learn. Many people take ongoing intermediate and advanced lessons indefinitely. 

Kitesurfing package costs 

On average a kiteboarding package can range from  $1600 to $3000. 

There is a huge variance here. Factors like location and rider weight are important. If you live somewhere with light, you’ll want a larger more expensive kite. If you live somewhere with strong winds, you could get a smaller less expensive kite. The same logic applies if you are a heavier or lighter person. 

Kiteboarding on a budget 

If money is tight you can always pick up second-hand equipment for a discount. It's best to buy from your local shop. You know the gear will be well cared for and inspected. We’ll make sure you are taken care of if there are any issues. Modern kites can also get expensive if you want the latest material technology. Depending on your budget and needs, there are some great benefits to choosing a high-end kite. That said, if you are new, opting for standard construction or deals is a great place to start! 

Kiteboarding lessons Skyway Beach

Once you own your kiteboarding equipment the wind is free! 

After your initial investment into the sport, kiteboarding is technically free. I like to make a comparison to snowboarding. You’re going to spend at least $1000 or more on a jacket, snow pants, warm mitts, a helmet goggles and boots. Then you have to pay for a lift ticket or a season pass. This is a residual fee that adds up to far more than the cost of kiteboarding gear. 

Cost of learning to kiteboarding in Tampa Bay

We have one of the most incredible locations in the United States for learning to kite surf. Our conditions are often safe and easy. Lessons are always required for safety but long hours of lessons are optional, not mandatory. We have shallow protected waters that allow kiteboarding students to stand up when they fall. There is no shorebreak or deep waters to hinder progress. We also get consistent wind that works in every direction. That means more opportunities for you to get out and practice.  

Our St Petersburg-based kitesurfing school offers jet ski support and custom kiteboarding lesson packages. You can always do a taste test to see if kiteboarding is for you. This short lesson is fast, fun, and focused on getting you on the board as fast as possible. We don’t cover everything you need so further lessons would be required. That said, you’ll have an amazing day on the water and know for sure if you want to invest further in the sport of kiteboarding.

Kiteboarding Lessons Skyway Beach

Kiteboarding packages.

At Elite Watersports, we have been servicing the community here for years. We can help you build a custom kiteboarding package to meet your needs.

Used kiteboarding deals 

Looking for deals on kiteboarding gear? We can advise and build a custom package.You'll want to select the right size for your weight and location. If you are not sure, please call us for advice. 

Used kiteboarding kites 

Used kiteboards 

Used kiteboarding control bars 

Used kiteboarding harnesses 

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