Wind Wing / Wing Foil Gift Certificate 

The absolute perfect gift for anyone of any age and back ground. One of our easiest watersports to learn. Beginner or advanced riders can use this gift card.

Includes all gear, and jetski. No hidden fees

All gift cards are emailed for print out within 24 hours. If you need sooner please call or text us. 7278002202

Winging combines multiple watersports to be an exhilarating, yet challenging sport. We like to break it all down into sections of instruction to allow your body to gain muscle memory and transfer skills in a sensible way. You will learn the fundamentals of Wing handling and body position, take on the foiling challenge, then wrap it all together on a solid windy day. 

. We want you to keep the progression up and be a shredder in all conditions. Learn the light wind pumping techniques, transitions with the board on the water, with direction and speed control. These skills will give you confidence to go out and cruise around your home spot. 


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