Ozone Enduro V2 7m Blue USED #1

Kite is in excellent condition with crisp and vibrant color in the fabric. Small scrapes and abrasions on the leading edge. This kite is ready to get back in the action!

At A Glance

The Enduro V1 was one of Ozone’s biggest sellers. Suiting a vast array of people for different kite activities, we have been eagerly anticipating its updated version, the V2 we have here, to see what improvements Ozone have made.

Still the same spec, a 3-strut mid aspect all-rounder, Ozone have taken their winning formula and tweaked it until they have made differences worth shouting about. Gone are the days of releasing a kite every year ‘just because’, instead Ozone take their time and really improve the kite before releasing it only when it’s finally ready.

For the Enduro V2, everything has been tightened up. The bridle has been refined for more precise handling and feedback. The struts have had their construction changed to create a more rigid and secure connection which blends better with the rest of the canopy. This is a much more supportive design, which in turn aids stability of the kite in lower angles of attack.

The Variable Bridle Geometry (VBG) again allows you to alter the bridle on the kite to suit your style. Coming standard in the central Freeride setting, there are also Wave and Freestyle options to allow you to tune the kite to your specific session requirements and personal riding style.

Ozone have maintained their ultra high-quality build, and the EnduroV2 uses the Teijin TechnoForce D2 Ripstop and also the Teijin Dacron to ensure strength and longevity in the kite fabric and build.

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