Surestance Pro Footpad

If you’re looking for comfort and control, look no further than the Surestance Pro line. The original Suretance Pro Back Footpad offers aggressive concave for lots of leverage and a bit of kicktail to keep you locked in. The net effect is deeper carves, a more comfortable ride and enhanced board feel. 

Kicktail 17mm - Low 

Concave: 15mm - mid

Surestance Pro Max Footpad

If you've got a taste for the extreme, The Surestance Pro Max is the footpad for you. With maximum kicktail, your back foot will have a strong reference point and lots of leverage while riding. Although Max offers more concavity than the Surestance Pro Pad, it's more gradual providing a comfortable ride feel with tons of control. Lock in with Surestance Pro Max.

Kicktail: 35mm - High 

Concave: 18mm - High

Surestance Pro Fusion Footpad

With mid-high kicktail and a mellow concave, Surestance Pro Fusion may just be the Goldilocks of the Surestance Pro family. Fusion offers a different profile than Surestance Pro, with its concavity starting from the center of the pad resulting in a more gradual lift from heel to toe. The net effect is a comfortable and supportive ride feel that still provides substantial kicktail for foot reference and control.

Kicktail: 27mm - Medium

Concave: 10mm - Low

Note: Only back footpad included 

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