Naish Zero Carbon Foil Control Bar

The Zero kite bar was created to be a control bar that gives the rider the most direct control. To do this we eliminated all the EVA typically found on a control bar. Next we created a 3K carbon  control bar that utilizes our industry leading aluminum insert with a replaceable Nylatron insert. This insert reduces friction and wear on your center line, one of the factors giving the rider direct control of their kite.

  • 50 cm 
  • 22m +2m Lines
  • Weighs 1.25lbs(20ounces/.5kg)
  • The all new Zero kite bar utilizes a 3K carbon bar construction providing the stiffest control system with no losses in control due to bending. We used premium 400 TLS lines from Cousins for all the control and flying lines. The Nylatron insert utilizes titanium hardware which prevents the screw heads from stripping. The quick release mechanism is made out of 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The Zero bar utilizes the industry leading cleat manufacture, ClamCleat, as the adjustable trim system.

Key Features:

  • Minimalistic - The Zero kite bar is a completely fresh look at control systems. We took decades of design knowledge to produce a bar that comes with everything you need and nothing you don't. This approach gives the rider the most direct connection/feel to the kite.
  • Customizable Tuning - There are multiple adjustment points on the rear leader lines so that the riders can easily adjust how they want their kite to fly. We added additional points that allow you to stall the kite so that it flies backwards for stunt flying or to keep the kite in the power zone while riding on a hydrofoil straight downwind. The stopper ball is adjustable so the rider can choose exactly how much bar throw they want. No need to buy different length trim lines, simply loosen the allen screws, slide the stopper to your desired position, and retighten your screws.
  • Quick Release - We didn't design a bulky or complicated release system, instead choosing to use a standard quick release used in the arefoot waterskiing industry as a safety system that prevents entanglements in the tow rope while riding. This release has all the strength of a standard snapshack but with the added bonus of being able to be released under load so you know it will release when you need it.
  • Bar Grip - The Zero bar doesnt use bulky EVA covers to provide texture/grip. The Zero utilizes a matte finish spray on the back side of the bar to provide texture/grip similar to what you have on the SUP paddles. By only having the texture on the back side of the bar, the user gets to have a bar that has good grip on the fingers but isn't overbearing on the palms.
  • Center Insert with Nylatron - Some might ask why we didn't build the Zero entirely out of carbon, the answer is durability. We didn't want to have a sleek looking bar that would wear out as you sheet in and out. We stuck with our tried and true system from the Torque bars which utilizes an aluminum insert to provide strength and a Nylatron insert which reduces friction against the trim so that the rider feels no loss in connection to the kite.

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