Redesigned from the ground up, the Pivot Nvision is the standard for a high-performance trueall around kite. Aluula and Quadtex canopy combine for the most durable premium kite on themarket all while delivering unprecedented speed and responsiveness. A lighter leading edgethan its dacron counterpart, the Pivot Nvision excels in light wind, while still holding its shape forthe windiest days. Quick recovery from kite loops, vertical jumps every time, and crisp andinstant bar feedback, this kite is your ultimate progression partner no matter your discipline.Determined to not skimp on any construction methods we developed proprietary seamconstruction techniques that ensure each seam is stronger than the material itself. The PivotNvision is not just a gear upgrade. It is the only kite you will ever need.

1. Construction Quality

Without a doubt the most durable premium kite on the market thanks to the blend of the AluulaHelium Air Frame and QuadTex canopy

2. Multi-discipline versatility

Feather-light yet robust, the 2024 Pivot Nvision has an industry best large wind range, ensuringtop performance from foiling in gentle breezes while still holding its shape in for big air boostingin strong gale-force winds.

3. Lighter

Smaller diameter leading edge and struts along with the Helium Air Frame make the kite lighter.Lighter means a lower wind range for lighterdays but also faster kiteloop recovery for those bigdays.

4. Efficiency

Expertly tuned TLS400 bridle lines balance the center of mass with the center of effort,positioning it optimally within the wind window.

5. Swift Response

All new Swift Tips utilize a cutting-edge design for a lighter and more robust wingtip design. Itdelivers a streamlined look with the canopy that stretches to the leading edge, for a smooth andswift power delivery.

Incredible wind range-Light and durable construction make the Pivot Nvision an incrediblewind range, from foiling in 7 knots to holding it’s shape through loops in 40 knots.

Fast Loop Recovery-Swift tips and perfectly balanced kite provide fast loops that catch andprovide confidence in big air riding.

Swift Turning-Alighter and more robust wingtip design provides swift and responsive turns.

Light bar feel-Requires a less amount of forceneeded to keep the kite at a certain angle ofattack when kiting

Easy steering input-Turning is easy and intuitive, requiring less force to maneuver the kite

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