Hyperflex Vyrl 1.5mm Surf Jacket Thermal

SKU 210000002038

Hyperflex Vyrl 1.5mm Surf Jacket Thermal

Looking for a long sleeve neoprene jacket? Look no more with this 1.5mm Men's HyperFlex VYRL Surf Jacket. Made with HyperFlex's own Quantum Foam neoprene, this l/s top is the ultimate in stretch and comfort. Flatlock seams add durability while the minimal seam design allows for a great range of motion. There's also a loop for your boardshorts.

The new HyperFlex VYRL wetsuit line has undergone countless hours of research and testing in order to create a line of suits with the latest and greatest in wetsuit technology. The Quantum Foam neoprene, micro-fleece quick dry lining, minimal seam design, and multiple thicknesses allow for these VYRL suits to be durable and built for performance.

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