GoFoil Front Wing

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GoFoil Front Wing


As the name implies, this line is easy to ride, making this foil ideal for quickly improving your skill level!

The EZ foil line rides at a more constant speed, especially when turning. This means that the foil will keep a steady pace and not accelerate too much during the turn. This feature makes it easier to do transitions when winging or helps you stay in the pocket when prone surfing so you don’t accelerate away from the wave.

The EZ foils are fairly thin but have a slightly slower, draft forward type of foil section. This design helps you control your speed a little bit easier than our faster models.

What we have noticed with the EZ foils is that you can handle a bigger size foil than what the square centimeters lead you to believe. For instance the EZ 1600 may sound like a huge wing but it’s still pretty easy in a lot of wind!



The “GT” stands for “Go To”. The GT Series is a dramatically responsive, controlled and smooth performance foil. This series is so responsive in the turns you can get the wing tips out of the water and recover with more ease, reducing over foiling.

The GT has superior pitch control which is the up and down movement you feel when riding. Controlling your pitch helps you go faster with more confidence.

The GT’s pump extremely well with solid initial lift and great low end. The low-end performance of the GT allows you to glide longer without dropping off foil.
This series has a broad range that has low end and speed which allows you to ride a smaller foil and get the same performance.

Dave Kalama uses the GT1250 for light wind downwind SUP and the GT1400 for really light wind downwind SUP.


The “RS” stands for Race Speed Series. These are the fastest wings in our collection. These wings are great for racing when Downwind Paddling or Winging. They are very fast, and turn and pump well. The RS wings are slightly thinner than the GT’s, which gives them the extra speed.

They also cross over to waves with SUP and Prone riding. The RS1000 is now a favorite for team riders Kaden Pritchard and Max Moquin on their prone set-ups both for surfing and prone downwind. They use it dock starting as well.

Dave Kalama really likes the RS1150 for downwind paddling on good days here on Maui. He was clocked one day averaging 18.4 mph or 29.7 kph for a nautical mile (1.85 km)! The smaller sizes (RS 500 and 650), are what Alex rides when he is winging and trying to go over 30mph. He also uses these when racing downwind on the wing.



Superior gliding ability with ease. This design allows you to glide effortlessly for long distances. Great for connecting waves on prone or wake.


Front wings are CNC shaped PVC cores with outer skins of 100% carbon with integrated cone construction connected to both top and bottom surfaces.

We use an excess amount of fiber on our wings @ 1000gm2 surface fiber loading.

All wing tips are solid carbon for maximum durability.

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