Foil Drive Assist Standard

The Assist is designed for the everyday foiler who wants a little more power or an added safety blanket. Whether it's there to help you up on foil-catching waves, allowing you to get out in more conditions, or peace of mind not having to paddle back in when offshore downwind/wing dinging if all goes bad, the Assist is the perfect solution, without sacrificing weight or the feeling or purist foiling!

The Assist provides added power for a range of abilities from people starting out to experienced foilers. No matter if your goal is to improve your technique or simply get out there longer, more often, we'll have you flying in no time!



- Foil Drive Assist with stubbie cooler prop protector

- Folding Propellers

- Motor pod with custom mast profile 

- Waterproof electronics box

- Foil Drive Assist 12ah 22v battery

- Wireless throttle controller with custom paddle mount (Left or Right) and wrist floaty

- 110-240v Battery Charger (US Plug) with Lipo Safe Charge/Storage bag

- Wireless induction charger for controller

- 3M Dual Lock adhesive fasteners for mounting electronics box to board

- 3M adhesive-backed Board Cable Guide for securing the motor wire to board

- Mast Cable Guide for securing the motor cable to trailing edge of mast 

- M3 x 2.5mm hex driver

- Spare Standard Props (Pair) Note: If upgrading to Aluminum, spare props aren't included

- Spare bolts (inside driver handle)

- Reusable zip tie


Foil Drive Assist is not designed to be used on a Prone or Tow style, low volume Foil Boards. Due to the wireless connection, the box must remain above the waterline during usage. The Foil Drive Assist is not a flatwater efoil , but a tool providing more power/assistance, as the name suggests!


Install weight: 3kg

Operating Voltage: 22-25v

Max Thrust: 21kg/46 lbs

Runtime: 25min-3hrs depending on throttle usage and other variables (Surf Session1-2hrs appx.)

Recharge time: Appx. 2hrs

Install time: 10mins


  • Choosing the Cable Length

    Due to the different styles, shapes, and dimensions of boards, it's necessary to measure the cable distance between the motor and the desired location of the electronics box.

    Left or Right Paddle Mount

  • We offer a left or right paddle mount option, the side referring to which side of the board you paddle on, not which hand you use.

    standard rider usually paddles on the right side of their body (paddle blade in the water right of the board), their right hand gripping lower down the shaft of their paddle. This rider would order a Right Mount.

    A goofy rider usually paddles on the left side of their body (paddle blade in the water left of the board), their left hand gripping lower down the shaft of their paddle. This rider would order a Left Mount.

    Both mounts can be used by either hand to control the throttle. If you'd like to use your controller with your bottom hand (lower down the shaft), the controller is mounted upside down on the paddle. If you'd like to use the controller in conjunction with the paddle handle, mount it upright as close to the top as possible. You can see both styles in the images above.

    Why is DG Shipping Expensive?

    Due to the size of the energy rating of the Lithium Ion Battery, the shipment is subject to Class 9 Dangerous Goods shipping and handling fees. Unfortunately, this is something we cannot avoid due to international air freight legislation. 

    Warranty and Support

    Foil Drive products come standard with an Australian 1-year manufacturer's warranty against defects.

    Battery Transport - Airplane

    Due to the size, commercial airlines will not allow you to travel by air with the Foil Drive Assist battery. Please keep this in mind when selecting your final order destination and with any future travels. If unsure, please contact your airline or reach out to us with any questions.


    <<< PLEASE CALL FOR AVAILABILITY 727-800-2202 >>> 

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