This board is a must have for all around big air riders. It comes with straps and has very few sessions on it. It has 2 surface scuffs on the board that are shown in pictures but no major scratches that will affect the performance of the board. 


A team member will reach out to you from the shop after purchase to collect shipping cost based on buyer location. 

Core Fusion 6

More performance, lower carbon footprint



CORE’s bestselling twintip - now featuring the remarkably efficient Cartan 2 carbon fiber weave. An innovative, holistic board that meets all the requirements of the aspiring rider. Its unique materials and technology, packed in a sophisticated shape with highly differentiated underwater hull, make it the ideal board for all types of riders, excelling in all disciplines.

Minimally stiffer and maximally stronger. The Fusion 6th generation builds upon the innovation of the legendary CARVED Imperator, introducing for the first time the lighter, more powerful, and sustainable Cartan 2 Carbon. With its reduced layer thickness, this carbon lies flat on the wood core, resulting in lower resin usage and increased efficiency in terms of stiffness and strength. The formula is simple: higher fiber content in the laminate translates to less material, allowing for higher and faster restoring forces, ultimately delivering superior performance.

Smaller ecological footprint. As a manufacturer, we prioritize our responsibility to enhance the sustainability of our production and supply chains. Introducing The GreenPoxy, an epoxy resin with 35% of its molecular structure derived from plants we can ensure a significant environmental contribution without compromising its function and performance. Additionally, our switch to Cartan 2, has resulted in a reduction of cutting waste by up to 80%.

Master every challenge. Take your skills to the next level. Try the Fusion 6 now.

Key Features:
  • NEW CARTAN® 2 CARBON: Thinner, stronger carbon fibre fabric with 80% less cutting waste
  • UNIBODY EDGE: the best connection of deck and hull
  • PAULOWNIA LIGHT: even lighter wood core with the same strength
  • NEW GREENPOXY: 35% epoxy resin of plant origin
  • MULTI CHANNELS: grip and control in all situations
  • KATANA CHANNELS: stiffer tips for increased response and restoring force
  • V-SHAPED KEEL: early gliding, buttery soft landings
  • BEVELED DECK: minimized reverse flex and better planning
  • VEE ROCKER: fast without the risk of diving
  • TUCKED UNDER RAILS: more grip and more effective gain in height

NEW EQ FIN SET (48MM): equal grip, more agility

Developed, tested and refined over three years. The completely redesigned EQ fin not only looks exceptional, it performs exceptionally. With a wide fin base resembling a beluga forehead, it effectively prevents water from being sucked in. Unlike standard fins, the grip level of EQ fins remains consistent as speed increases, offering a distinct advantage. This feature noticeably facilitates easier release even at full speed, allowing for smoother switching. Additionally, the rounded transition between the fin and board minimizes drag, which occurs when two surfaces meet.

The EQ fin is also designed to be lightweight, weighing approximately 30 percent less than the Equalizer fin, thanks to its hollow interior. The rough surface is not just an unclean finish, but the technical icing on the cake: in turbulent currents, the precisely defined roughness minimizes suction and increases maneuverability.

Package Includes:
  • Board
  • 48mm Fins
  • Handle

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