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CORE Choice 6

The Big Air Freestyler


Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with unrivaled performance

The Choice is CORE's high performance twintip for innovative moves and progressive style. In its sixth generation, it has been completely redesigned and has been given new features that will benefit your big air passion in particular. At high speeds, the edge grips even better thanks to the new rail concave and the more angled fins - ideal for charged pre-pops and explosive jumps. The Choice 6 also shines when freeriding with an extremely comfortable ride, combined with high agility and playfulness. This makes the Choice 6 suitable not only for Pros, but for anyone looking for sporty riding characteristics with high big-air potential. 

Choice 6 - adrenaline rush and style


134x40,5 - 136x41 - 138x41,5 - 140x42 - 142x42,5 

Key Features: 

NEW! CARTAN® 2 CARBON: Thinner, stronger carbon fibre fabric with 80% less cutting waste 

NEW! RAIL CHANNELS & ANGLED FINS: Massive grip for explosive pops and take-off

NEW! GREENPOXY: 35% epoxy resin of plant origin 

UNIBODY EDGE: the best connection of deck and hull 

PAULOWNIA LIGHT: even lighter wood core with the same strength

MULTI CHANNELS: grip and control in all situations 

KATANA CHANNELS: stiffer tips for increased response and restoring force 

V-SHAPED KEEL: early gliding, buttery soft landings 

BEVELED DECK: minimized reverse flex and better planning 

VEE ROCKER: fast without the risk of diving

TUCKED UNDER RAILS: more grip and more effective gain in height 

EQ FIN SET (42MM): perfect grip and high agility 


Choice 6 twintip, standard grab handle, G10 Cutback Fins (42mm), and V4A fin screws.


UNION COMFORT: optimum support and comfort

UNION PRO: completely new riding experience and confidence in your binding

REVO GRABHANDLE: adapt rocker and flex to the conditions and riding needs

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