Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson Gift Card


   Beginner Kiteboarding Lessons Gift Card

    If it's their first time, we want to keep it super fun and progressive and less about mastering. 2-3 hour course that progresses them as fast and safely as possible with the goal of going on the first ride. We will miss some details of self sufficiency but no worries, we can cover that in the next lesson when they continue. A jet ski is not necessary in their first lesson but will be used if conditions need it at no extra charge. 

We will email you a gift certificate that you can print or send to recipient. Please give us until the following business day to complete. Or call/text us after your purchase and the shop will make one right away!

Why Pick Elite Watersports? 

  • Our instructors are certified and also trained to our level of instruction. Our lead instructor will review your lesson everytime to maximize your progression.
  • Free online lessons and support with exclusive discount pricing on all gear for students. Used, New and Closeouts. 
  • Family owned and operated since 2009
  • We supports the kite community in funraisers, competitions, beach clean ups and more.
  • A fleet of Jet Skis so we can support all students everyday.
  • Awarded by AWSI = Kiteboarding Community retailer of the year for the USA and have been nominated for countless local small business awards.
  • Annual domestic and International trips designed for kiteboarders.
  • We will be supporting you year round before during and after your lessons. Wether on the beach or in our brick and mortar. We repair gear, sell gear and warranty it. We will never steer you wrong. We are more worried about keeping you as a long term client than just making a sale. 

Frequently asked Questions

  • Am I to old to start kiteboarding?
    Our average student's age is from 45-65yr? Our average kid is around 10yr.

  • Is gear included in the lesson?
    All kiteboarding gear is included with no hidden fees

  • Are lessons available on the weekends?
    Open 7 days a week from sun up to sun down. If it's blowing we are going

  • Where will we be taught?
    We teach primarily at Skyway Beach on the North Side of the Skyway Bridge.

  • When is it good to schedule lessons?
    Our prime season is October through May but summers can be really good too.

  • Is Tampa Bay a good spot to learn how to kiteboard?
    Logistics, accomidations and enviroment make St Petersburg the easiest place to take kiteboarding lessons in the United States.

  • Is it private kiteboarding lessons and/or can we bring a friend?
    All lessons are designed to be one on one unless clearly stated that they are a group lesson. We strongly advise bringing a friend.

  • Do I have to do a beginner lesson first if I've taken kiteboarding lessons somewhere else?
    We will try our best to start where you left off. Your instructor will be able to see any special comments or concerns on your booking and will be prepared.

Why we offer a JetSki as an Option?

  • The use of a jet ski is a convienience factor. More kite lesson centers around the world do not use jetski support. We are fortunate to have the option but believe in us to use it when it is benificial to our students.

  • You do not need Jet Ski support for all lesson levels

  • By not using the jet ski we can lower the price of your first lesson. There will be many lessons you will not need the jet ski or even benifit from the use of.

  • In the long run, we produce equally as good of students with or without jetski support. Using the jetski in some lessons will fast track your progression but other lessons it will actually slow it down which causes you to take more lessons. Costing more $$$ and your valuable time.

  • Believe in our instructors to know when it is best for you and your kiteboarding progression. Remember you will not have us forever and if you become accumstome to using a jetski for support, what happens when you go out on your own? We need you to be able to leave the beach, walk up wind, put a board on and ride. If you can't stay upwind then you'll need to walk back upwind.  

  • Our lead instructor reviews every students progression and will come up with a plan and review with your instructor before every lesson. 

Terms and Conditions
  • Our only goal is to get all students out when we have wind we are available 7 days a week
  • All gift certificate have a 6 month expiration after purchase with the ability to extend expiration for a small fee
  • Gift certificates are not transferable or refundable. All sales are final.  

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