2022 Mystic Gem Waist Harness Women

by Mystic
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Mystic GEM Jalou- Hardshell Waist Harness

The Mystic GEM offers excellent support with maximum freedom of movement.

The very popular Mystic hardshell waist harness is with no doubt one of the best hardshell harnesses for women. Developed and designed with the Mystic team rider  and world champion Jalou Linguee, this harness truly is the top of the range women’s harness on the market.
Plus, the super cool and new design will let you shine on the kite spot. Be the first with the new and outstanding design of the 2022 Mystic range. 

What make the Gem the top of the range?

The GEM is a type of hard shell harness. Which means for you the most support possible. At the same time, the fiberglass structure allows the backplate to be smaller than all other harnesses for more flexibility in your movement.

Perfect support - more flexibility

The Gem harness is slightly less stiff on the sides than at the back, which gives you extra flexibility. Plus, the sides are narrow and therefor he does not restrict your movements at all.

The stiff backplate locks around your waist and supports your back perfectly for more comfort and better grip even in strong conditions.

 Perfect support and yet super comfortable – that’s the Gem

Mystic has given the Gem a soft fix foam padding, so the hard backplate does not feel uncomfortable. The edges are made of soft neoprene with a knitflex.

Of course, the Gem offers all the advantages of the Mystic Harness as well just like the unique Mystic Spreader Down System, that prevents the spreaderbar from traveling up preventing a big discomfort and serious injuries. 

The soft neoprene edges that offers a more comfortable fit and prevents rash while riding without a wetsuit. 

  • Fiberglass hardshell
  • Made for women
  • Develeped with Kite champion Jalou Langeree 
  • Comfortable padding
  • Fix Foam
  • Adaptive leach eye
  • Knitflex
  • Flex covers
  • Soft edges
  • Integrated safety knife pocket

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