2019 Solo 17.5 V3 Lite Wind Kite


            When Liquid Force released the Solo, they broke the mold of traditional bridles for kiteboarding kites. Everyone asked, "What is the point of a one strut kite and why would I want that thing?" Now almost every brand has a copy cat kite, but there is only one Solo. LF has refined the single strut design to be the most user-friendly kite they have ever made.

Responsiveness- Medium to slow turning speed. Very predictable.
Turn Radius- Medium turn radius
Window Position- Forward in the window gives you great upwind performance.
Wind Range- Big wind range - 170 lbs riders expect optimal power on a 12m in the 8-22mph wind.(Kitefoiling with the Solo a 170 lbs person is using the 12m in 8-15mph.)
Relaunch- Solid relaunch with the one small exception explained in Tomahawk Test.
Bar Pressure- Medium Bar Pressure.
Power Per Size- Rides big for the size and has gotten a lot more controllable on the top end giving this kite a monster wind range.

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