2019 Liquid Force Echo Kiteboard

From competition to creative free riding Brandon Scheid undeniably is the landlord of the current wakestyle movement. Brandon has been working with master shaper Jimmy Redmon to create a board that will both lock on a slider and deliver explosive pop off the water. The new 2019 Echo exceeds the standard and will take your riding to the next level.  The LF flex tip technology tapering into the channeled, profile wood core allows for the tips to flex deeper on presses without sacrificing the centerboard stiffness required to generate pop and handle hard landings.   The addition of the Liquid Force Grind base adds durability not just for hitting rails and sliders but also for coarse sand launches.  All blended with the proven triple concave to fluted channel bottom contour, high rockers and sandwich construction, a recipe for success in the purest of wake style circles.



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