2020 Tampa Kite Invasion

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Tampa Kite Invasion: OCTOBER 3rd, 2020


Kiteboarding Community


Join us for the Second Annual
Tampa Kite Invasion
on the first weekend of October.
This event will be a Team-Based Downwind Drag Race, from point A to point B, route dependent on wind direction.

Option 1: Lassing Park to Skyway Beach

Option 2: Treasure Island Beach to Pass-A-Grille Beach

Entry Fee: $60
All proceeds go to Tampa Bay Watch

Three Team Categories: Surfboards, Foilboards, Wind Wing and TwinTips.

Awards Ceremony: Immediately following the last few finishers reaching the beach.


All race participants will begin at Point A. All racers must pass through the "Start Line Gate" to be recorded.


Each race participant will be required to pair up with a teammate in the same category. (foil, surf, or twin tip)


1) Twin Tip

2) Hydrofoil

3) Surfboard


There will be a buoy marker and a support boat anchored at the finish line; all finishers must go through the "finish line gate" in order to be recorded as a finisher.


All Teams will begin the downwinder at Point A and finish at Point B. This will be a fun and exciting downwind drag race. If you like to go downwind and like to do it quickly, this is the race for you. Perhaps, you're just looking for a fun time on the water, connecting with fellow Tampa Bay kiters, well then this is the perfect event for you! There will be boat support throughout the race.

The Tampa Kite Invasion will not only be an awesome downwind drag race but it will also be a TEAM RACE. Each race participant will pair up with a teammate in the same category (foil, surf, or twin tip) Both members of your team will be at the start line (Point A) and as each person crosses the finish gate, they will receive a point value (1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 15 points for 15th, etc.). Once both teammates have crossed the finish, you'll add your finishing place values together for your team total. For all three categories, the team with the lowest total wins first place. Of course, the individual award for Line Honors will also be given to the very first male and female to cross the finish gate.

If you wish to participate but do not have a teammate prior to beginning of race, we will pair you up with someone.

There will be a buoy marker and a signal boat anchored at the start ling and finish line; all participants must pass through the "start line gate" and all finishers must go through the "finish line gate" in order to be recorded and receive their place number upon completion. Anyone who does not finish the race or cross the finish gate properly will receive the total number of racers + 1 as their finishing place value.

So, start thinking about who you want your teammate to be and go ahead and come up with something to wear that signifies you are a team (matching face paint, matching crazy hats, matching tutus... whatever! Be creative but keep in mind you will still be required to wear the event t-shirt with your jersey number visible.) Please remember you must both be in the same category.

Please also keep in mind the CDC Guidelines requiring 6 feet of separation from each other. When/if you are unable to maintain that distance, we will require all participants to wear a face covering or mask. All volunteers and event organizers will be wearing masks at all times and be participating in healthy practices while assisting race participants. Hand sanitizer will be available.

**More precise details, such as start time and location, to be announced as it gets closer. If wind does not cooperate on the 3rd, we will move event to Sunday, October 4th.**




This event is held in honor of Tampa Bay Watch. All proceeds go directly to them as a thank you for all they do for our beloved Tampa Bay.

There will be a virtual SILENT AUCTION live throughout the event weekend. Standby for a link to the auction. 


Boat Support Needed (Boats, Jetskis, and Race Committee)


  • Start Line Kite Launchers
  • General Beach Assistance
  • Finish Line Kite Landers

Food and/or Beverages Donated for Competitors at Finish Line

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