Rainbow Sandals

Where Can I Get Rainbow Sandals Near Me?

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Rainbow Sandals are durable, supportive, and perfect for people who can't stay away from the water. If you are looking for a sandal that will last forever without giving up the style or comfort Rainbows are for you. 


Rainbow Sandals Women

With the abundance of styles for you to chose from it is hard to chose just one pair. Rainbow's bread and butter are their sandals that you can wear for every occasion. We highly recommend the Flirty Braidy for your walk around town or exploring the local surf shops. They have styles that are perfect for your quick surf sesh before work and everyday tasks. For everyday use we recommend The Tropics Single Layer  for its simplistic style and splash of color. 


Rainbow Sandals Men

Wanting a style that is plain and simple or a statement? Rainbow Sandals has a wide selection of styles for you to chose from. We recommend the ___ due to its slight pop of color. 

What is special about Rainbow Sandals?

There are many attributes that make Rainbow Sandals special. For instance:

- Durability: talk about bang for your buck! Rainbow Sandals are made to last you forever.

- Company Values: Rainbow Sandals want to do their part in helping the environment by creating a product that no one wants to throw away. However, when the time does come to retire your rainbows they have a give back program.

- Comfort and Support: Rainbow Sandals give arch support unlike other flip flops. they also have the option of getting flip flops that are double soled for even more comfort and longevity. 

Can you get Rainbow Sandals wet?

Of course you can get rainbow sandals wet! That is the beauty of the insane durability rainbow sandals have. Rainbow Sandals are constructed with premium leather bound to the flip flop using environmentally friendly glue. This sturdy combo is what allows you to go the extra mile with the Rainbow Sandals.

 Are Rainbow Sandals good sandals?

Absolutely they are! The owner has been developing different ways to make the sandal last forever. After seeing an incase in broken flip flops on the beach he made it a mission to be different. He then spent years testing different leathers, layering techniques, and materials. Needless to say, he has accomplished this goal of endless durability without sacrificing comfort. However, he didn't stop there with the never ending flip flop. The creator of Rainbow Sandals created a give back program for homeless, orphans, and people affected by natural disasters. Send in your used pair of Rainbow Sandals to a location near you and they will repair them and give them to those in need. With the unique design the rainbow sandals have they can repair the layers that have the most milage. 

Does Rainbow Sandals Have a Warranty?

For Rainbow Sandals that are not under the rainbow guarantee warranty have a six month warranty against manufacturing defects that occur outside of normal wear and tear. All warranties are handled through Rainbow Sandals head quarters not the retail store you purchased them from.