Off-Site Training: The Florida Keys

Ready to get away? Seeking a kiteboarding destination outside of your local launch spots? Book an off-site training excursion with Elite Watersports and bring your Elite Instructor with you! 


ISLAMORADA – $1000/ person
  • Two Days of Privately Instructed Riding
    • Leave Mid-day Friday, from Elite Watersports – St. Petersburg
    • Return Sunday night
  • One Elite Instructor, All Gear Provided
  • Boat Support: Additional $100
  • Gas of Instructor is covered by student (average of $60)
  • All Hotel Accommodations booked by Elite Watersports 
    • Hotel Cost: Ranges from $90/night-$200/night
    • Cost of hotel depends on client’s preferences 
    • Meals:
      • Instructor’s dinners covered by client 
      • All other meals Instructors personally responsible 
  • Participants:
    • Must have more than 4 hours of lessons prior
  • Groups:
    • 20% Off for groups of 2 or more: $800/person
    • Semi-Private Lesson: 1 Elite Instructor per group
    • More Elite Instructors available upon request and price adjustment
  • Bookings can be made last minute, but 5 or more days advance notice referred

CALL TO BOOK – (727) 800-2202